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Jägermeister, the iconic herbal liqueur producer, wanted to create a social intranet that would support collaboration between their internationally distributed team of over 1000 employees. The aim was to facilitate internal communication, provide fun ways for employees to feel part of the brand and increase engagement levels.


A social intranet that combines information sharing and social networking with an effective search tool. The solution serves as a centralised communication and collaboration hub for employees. Features such as an interactive pin board, Q&A and Events  sections add functionality to foster engagement amongst employees.


JägerNet is a dynamic social intranet which is a digital manifestation of the Jägermeister brand world. The internal platform engages employees through compelling and interactive content that communicates the authentic voice of the Jägermeister brand. Digital signage in offices, factories and canteens brings the intranet into the physical realm, fostering a sense of company culture.



Jägermeister is an iconic herbal liqueur with 35% volume alcohol which is produced by Mast-Jägermeister SE, a traditional family business in Germany with a history spanning over 140 years. The company is located in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony. There, and only there, the company produces Jägermeister, the world’s most successful herbal liqueur. Originating from a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, flowers and roots which was first invented over 80 years ago. Jägermeister has a unique and unmistakable flavour with a global appeal. 

Jägermeister intranet on web and mobile view

A social intranet to connect a globally distributed team

Jägermeister  wanted to create a social intranet that would support collaboration, promote engagement and a sense of community among their diverse team of more than 1000 employees spread across the globe.

The solution, JägerNet, is an intranet platform that combines information sharing, social networking and serves as a catalyst for connectivity. The intranet operates as a dynamic communication hub that amplifies interaction and engagement.

Jägermeister intranet topics overview

By ensuring visibility of essential updates and communications for employees, JägerNet helps to foster a unified corporate culture. The platform encourages employees to "Be the Meister," fostering a sense of brand belonging in a fun and inspiring way. With JägerNet, Jägermeister not only connects a globally distributed team but also cultivates a workplace where every individual plays a crucial role in the shared success of the company.


“Our award-winning intranet fulfilled our expectations…”

"We needed a new innovative idea to make collaboration and communication between our internationally distributed teams more efficient. The goal was to make communication fast and more transparent. Use our new social media features and be able to inform our colleagues around the world. Our award-winning intranet fulfilled all these expectations and working with the 1xINTERNET team is very good."

 Andrea Ostheer, Manager Corporate Communications at Mast-Jägermeister SE

Photo of Andrea Ostheer

Next-level communication with tailored intranet notifications

Initially, everyone received email notifications for internal communications or when specific new content was shared, which was not ideal. The intranet was developed to improve these digital communications. A sophisticated Drupal-based notification system was implemented, notification alerts are presented to users upon logging into the intranet, similar to the functionality seen on Facebook. Employees can subscribe to receive the notifications they are most interested in as well as being informed of anything that is deemed to be relevant information for all employees. 

Jägermeister topics interests on intranet
Jägermeister intranet notification alerts

Dynamic e-Learning solution managed through the intranet 

Jägermeister had specific training requirements for its employees and sought an effective solution. Leveraging an established open-source learning management system, Opigno, built on Drupal, we implemented functionality that allows course creators to upload Scorm files and present these courses directly through the intranet. This implementation enables course managers to monitor employee registrations and course completions, generating reports for comprehensive training oversight.

More about the Opigno e-Learning platform

Jägermeister meal plan display on intranet

Interactive meal plan engagement

Originally a simple text page displaying the weekly menu, this was revamped to incorporate videos from the chefs providing menu insights. Employees can engage by liking and adding comments to the different menus. The system caters to different employee groups, each group having a unique menu and frontpage based on their respective location.

Digital signage bringing digital notifications to shared physical spaces

Digital signage is used to display information and notifications from the intranet on screens in the Jagermeister offices, factories and canteens helping to cultivate a unified corporate culture. Employees are consistently presented with the Jagermeister vision, featuring fun content, important information, events, and company successes in shared spaces. This creates a cohesive narrative that fosters a sense of unity with the brand. 

Jägermeister pin board on intranet
Jägermeister FAQ page on intranet

Interactive content that is inclusive and accessible anywhere

The social intranet was designed with inclusivity in mind, providing multiple entry points for every member of the company, regardless of location or device, be it desktop, mobile, or info-screen. The goal was to facilitate communication alerts across teams, offices, and countries.

Interactive features promote engagement and participation:

  • Pinboard with pins, similar to Pinterest.
  • An interactive Q&A section, which can be used by employees for all kinds of questions (from offering concert tickets for sale to reporting lost property). 
  • Group-specific notifications and job openings tailored to specific teams and locations, ensure relevant content reaches each group.
  • Event listings - editors can create and list events in the intranet and employees can register inside the intranet portal. 
Jägermeister intranet event listing
Jägermeister intranet search page

Simple frontend editing facilitating the experience of intranet editors 

Intuitive frontend editing provides a big improvement in the experience of the intranet editors and facilitates the task of disseminating information rapidly across a global team.

Awarded for best brand driven intranet

The Jägermeister intranet solution was awarded for the best brand driven intranet at the Digital Communication Awards 2018, celebrating the intranet´s success as a digital manifestation of the Jägermeister brand with content that is “inspiring, visual and authentic”.

More about the Winners of the Digital Communication Awards 2018


A licence free open-source intranet solution

Drupal is an ideal choice for as the base for a social intranet, being a licence free open-source CMS, it offers a cost-effective solution. The inherent flexibility allowed for customization to fit the Jagermeister branding, ensuring a consistent look whilst enabling integration with all the desired features for social networking and dynamic notifications.

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