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Jägermeister with the unique flavour is enjoying increasing popularity internationally as Germany's biggest spirit brand is now available in more than 145 countries around the world.

Jägermeister -  at home all over the world

Jägermeister - the herbal liqueur with 35% vol. alcohol is produced by Mast-Jägermeister SE, a traditional family business in Germany with more than a 140-year history.

The company is located in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony. There, and only there, the company produces Jägermeister – the world’s most successful herbal liqueur – based on a secret recipe of 56 different herbs, flowers and roots first invented over 80 years ago.



The company wanted to create a social intranet that would promote and support collaboration and transparency between their internationally distributed team of 1000+ employees.

So when Jägermeister wanted to build their Social Intranet, we created a tool that combines information sharing, social networking, effective search features, multimedia creation, sharing capabilities, and more to create a communication and collaboration hub for employees.

Features requested

  • Provide access for everyone in the company from anywhere, from any device e.g. desktop, mobile or info-screen
  • Make knowledge transfer across all teams, offices and countries easy and manageable. 
  • Create transparency throughout the organization (top-down, bottom-up, peer-to-peer) and empower an open and collaborative company culture
  • Encourage employees to “Be the Meister” and feel part of the brand in a fun and inspiring way to, in turn, increase satisfaction and engagement levels

From the client

"We needed a new innovative idea to make collaboration and communication between our internationally distributed teams more efficient. The goal was to make communication fast and more transparent. Use our new social media features and be able to inform our colleagues around the world. Our award-winning intranet fulfilled all these expectations and working with the 1xINTERNET team is very good."

 Andrea Ostheer, Manager Corporate Communications at Mast-Jägermeister SE

 Andrea Ostheer
Screenshot Jaegermeister Social Intranet

Continuous development 

1xINTERNET is now responsible for the maintenance and further development of the social intranet, and works closely with Jägermeister’s PR team.

Some of the new features that were developed by 1xINTERNET for the intranet include:

  • Notifications: initially when new content was shared, everyone was notified by email, which was not ideal. We implemented a notification system using Drupal to show the notifications when the user logs into the intranet, similar to Facebook’s, making sure that employees see the notifications that are important to them.
  • e-Learning: Jägermeister had some requirements for training to be done by the employees, and was looking for a solution to provide these. Using part of an existing open source learning management solution (Opigno) based on Drupal, we implemented functionality to allow course creators to upload Scorm files and offer these courses straight from the intranet. Course managers can track employees that registered and finished courses, and generate reports.
  • Auctions: We built a custom auction tool based on Drupal that allows site managers to create new auction items and employees to bid on these items before the bidding period expires. And we tied this to the notification system to notify bid creators and participants on changes to the auction (new bids, winning bids, losing bids, etc).
  • Meal Plan: Initially the meal plan was just a plain text page that showed what was on the menu for the week. We revamped that page with the inclusion of videos from the chefs explaining the menu, and ability for employees to add comments and interact with them.
  • Events: We are currently working on a new solution to allow editors/managers to create events in the intranet and allow employees to register for those events from inside of the portal , as currently they need to go to a separate site to finish their registration.

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