Digital Asset Management Software

Digital asset management software (DAM) store objects like photos, images, videos, audio-files, presentations, design files etc. and makes them available to use with other systems. With 1xINTERNET’s Digital asset management software, you stay organized and have your digital assets in one place and under control. 

Organise and secure your digital assets across multiple systems

The process of storing, managing and retrieving digital data should be as efficient as possible. This requires an easy to use editorial interface, save workflows for adding and changing assets, secure license management, and powerful integration options with other systems. 1x DAM offers this in a highly configurable and extensible way. Our solution is built on 100% open source software, is distributed without license costs, and complies with GDPR regulations.


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1xDAM is an easy to use, powerful solution to manage the full lifecycle of your digital assets that you can integrate in any system landscape.

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Why rely on 1x DAM software?

Our solution is built on the widely adopted open source software Drupal. This offers a solid foundation for customizing your DAM solution to any workflow and any asset types in a secure and scalable way. 1x DAM software comes with powerful APIs to expose data to any other systems. Depending on the use case, data can be embedded or imported into other applications.

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Highly scalable and easy to manage with unlimited assets.

Fast search 

Lightning fast search and easy asset discovery, making every day work processes easier to manage.

Powerful workflows

Workflows are powerful and easy to manage for more effective results within your company.

Easy to use UI

Our user interface is easy to use and makes daily work more enjoyable for editors.

Partner portal for external users

Allow your clients to access to a subset of your digital assets.

Secure licence management

Licences can be attached to digital assets and they can be disabled when licences expire and notifications can be sent.

Integration into other systems 

Easy integration into other system you use with REST APIs for example PIM, MDM, CMS, and E-Commerce solutions.

Safe distribution as embedded assets

Distribute assets via CDN. Link assets directly or embed as web components or iframes.

100% open source 

Our system is built on the 100% free open source platform, Drupal. That means, no licence cost or vendor lock-in. You choose whom to work with and the ownership of the system is yours. 

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Customers using 1x DAM software

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More features of our 1xDAM

  • File uploads with Drag and Drop and Bulk Uploads
  • Arbitrary tagging of files (collections, type, usage, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of file previews
  • Hierarchical organisation of files in folder like structures
  • Versioning and archiving of files
  • Collaboration on digital assets
  • Granular permissions and user roles
  • Integration with any SSO provider (SAML, OpenID Connect, etc.)
  • Secure storage and access to files 
  • Share assets outside your organisation with timely restricted access links
  • Download single or multiple assets and file derivatives (e.g. images in different resolutions and formats)
  • Automatic metadata extraction of different asset types (images, videos, files, etc.)
  • Bulk editing of assets

Frequently asked questions about our DAM software

There are different types of DAM software. These are brand asset management systems, which focus on marketing and sales to organize marketing materials such as product images and logos. Library asset management systems to ensure the storage and retrieval of large data assets that only change seldomly. Production asset management systems that focus on managing the storage, organization and revision control of media that change frequently. And the digital supply chain services that focus on the distribution of content to digital retailers.

Regardless if you build up your first DAM system or replace an existing system you should pay attention to:

1. Metadata
Make sure your DAM provides automated metadata extraction and management functionality. This speeds up processes and organizes files accurately. Metadata improves search speed, as users search for specific terms and find files more easily.

2. Integration with other systems
Any enterprise DAM system should provide an API that enables system integration, from systems like Web CMS to PIM, eCommerce, CRM, etc.

3. Security 
There are many risks associated with sensitive digital content. Make sure that the information is stored in a secure data center and that the encryption process keeps your files as secure as possible.

4. DAM Workflows
Also make sure that you choose a DAM that supports your workflow. Consider whether you need to support formal and/or informal workflows between different people and groups within the organization. DAM workflows often come into play in the production of assets and in approval processes.

5. Permissions
Consider not only who can see which assets, but also what each user can do with them. Make sure your DAM has a user-friendly interface and that administrators can set permissions easily. The DAM should reflect a simple rights management process so that administrators do not need assistance in setting permissions.

6. Access to mobile devices 
Make sure your DAM provides access to mobile devices. This includes smartphones, tablets and laptops. This prevents downtime for team members who are geographically limited. Often, digital assets need to be available with the latest version, for example, a customer presentation on site. A good DAM system should be able to routinely deliver this capability.

7. Integrated search
The assets in a digital asset management system are only useful if you can find them. Strong DAM systems have many search filters. It's a good idea to use a DAM that provides at least one type of filter so that at least a search can be made for authors, dates, titles and file types. 

Any DAM should at least contain the following functions:

  • Bulk import of assets

  • Scalable for large amount of files

  • Export assets into other systems

  • Embed assets in other applications

  • Organisation of assets with tags, collections, hierarchical structures, etc.

  • Fast search for files by metadata, file names, etc.

  • Easy to use and beautiful user interface

  • Powerful permissions, user roles and workflows

  • Archiving and versioning of files

  • Provision of a web portal where agencies, journalists, partners and employees of a company can download current images, advertising material etc. themselves

Our software is built with the enterprise open source framework Drupal. To us Open Source is a powerful mechanism and we apply it to all our software. Read more about it here. For our customers this means, that any software we provide is handed over with all necessary usage rights and is free to be modified, extended and uses in any desired way. There is no vendor lock in and we do not change licence cost

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