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Our AI applications are designed to streamline processes, improve efficiency and increase user satisfaction. Our AI-driven approach enables businesses to deliver unparalleled digital experiences that drive growth and increase customer loyalty.

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Intelligent AI-driven applications for your business

As technology evolves, AI applications are the future of customer service and business operations. Integrating virtual AI assistants today prepares your business for tomorrow's challenges.

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4 steps to the integration of AI applications

1. Integrate

Integrate AI applications into your website to automate internal or external processes and deliver exceptional user experiences. Based on advanced AI models such as OpenAI or Mistral AI, our AI solutions provide powerful capabilities for different use cases:

  • Business process automation
  • Virtual customer assistant, AI chatbot
  • Seamless search experience
  • Virtual shopping assistant
  • Marketing and sales assistant
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2. Train, finetune, and pre-promt

Train your AI model exclusively on reliable and relevant data sources, or fine tune existing models, or discover suitable models to pre-promt for your applications. By carefully engineering your application, you optimise the performance and reliability of your AI to deliver consistent and trustworthy results.

  • Multiple data sources
  • Reliable data inputs
  • Multilingual support
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3. Customise

Align the behaviour of your AI solutions with your brand identity. By providing precise instructions to your AI application and customising its visual appearance, you create a branded experience that resonates with your users.

  • Branded appearance
  • Communication style
  • Restrictions on topics
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4. Scale

AI applications often need to integrate with various systems, databases, and third-party APIs to access data and perform tasks. Through powerful APIs our AI solutions are able to accommodate evolving business requirements and can easily integrate with any existing systems:

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Our AI integration services

AI consulting

Expert guidance to identify opportunities for AI implementation.

AI integration

Seamless integration of virtual AI assistants into existing systems.


AI customisation

Customisation of AI solutions to match unique business needs.

AI optimisation

Continuous refinement and improvement of AI applications.

AI support

Ongoing assistance to maintain optimal performance of AI solutions.


AI training

Custom trainings of end-users for effective use of AI-based applications.

How to build useful AI applications?

Read more about how to build useful AI applications in this article. We explain in detail how Large Language Models (LLMs) work and how you can best use the technology for your own use cases.

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