Drupal Audit

Conducting a comprehensive Drupal audit is an essential step for all companies aiming to build robust websites and ensure maximum performance. The in-depth analysis and evaluation provide website owners with valuable insights and key recommendations in order to achieve their business goals and maintain their companies among the leaders in the competitive digital environment.

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Every Drupal site is unique, with its strengths and weaknesses. At 1xINTERNET we guarantee a custom approach to Drupal audits tailored in accordance to your business requirements and able to uncover the growth potential of your website. We provide you with a complete overview of your Drupal site´s performance and security, evaluate its readiness for future migration or upgrade and ensure it is in compliance with Drupal best practices. Our main focus is to accelerate your digital success and keep your business at the front edge of technology.

Our custom approach to Drupal audits

Custom approach to Drupal Audits

The scope of your Drupal website audit depends on your needs.

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Drupal Security

One of the most common focuses in all Drupal audits is a website security check. The in-depth analysis is able to reveal most of the security gaps and vulnerabilities, discover if all necessary features and updates are installed and perform correctly. Our team identifies potential security issues and helps you to understand their impact on your business.

Drupal Performance

An optimal website performance is half the battle of your business success. Performance is a holistic topic that goes far beyond Drupal. That's why we opt for an integral approach and work from frontend, backend to infrastructure. We have the necessary expertise to evaluate your website´s behavior in different scenarios, identify performance bottlenecks and come up with action points to ensure greater user experience and higher conversion rate.

Drupal Best Practises

An up-to-date website is crucial to be able to compete in the ever-changing digital market. We analyze your website in terms of its compliance with Drupal best practices: from taxonomy and configuration to modules and coding standards. Our Drupal Best Practices audit also looks into your DevOps procedures in order to help you to adapt best practices not only within your application, but also to take the most out of the additional technologies which speed up your development and operations with Drupal.

Drupal Upgrade & Migration

A properly planned migration or upgrade should start with a thorough audit of your current website. Our team of Drupal experts can help you to evaluate the best approach to take your project to the next level. Most Drupal upgrades can be easily achieved, if your project follows Drupal Best Practices. Even so, Drupal migration can be a much bigger challenge. A thorough understanding of the source and target data structure is essential to decide which data like content, users, files should be migrated and to find the most economical approach between an automated and manual migration. Custom code from older Drupal versions must be refactored to meet the latest requirements. Our audit helps you to identify the critical path ahead of you for making an educated decision.

Drupal SEO Audit & Content

SEO and content optimization is one of the core elements of improving the performance of your website in search results, aiming to attract quality web traffic to hit your conversion rates. Our qualified team of experts in online marketing conducts a comprehensive SEO & Content audit and provides you with a detailed concept tailored to your business goals and your target groups. We work with projects of different sizes and industries, offering online marketing services from one-time consultancy to long-term collaboration to maximize the benefits for your business.

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4 Pillars of our Drupal site audits

Certified Drupal Developers & Specialists

Years of experience in Drupal development

Custom approach to Drupal site audits

Advanced analysis & evaluation tools

Our common goal is your business success. Our team of certified Drupal developers and specialists offers an expert consultancy regarding the performance and security of your website. With our custom approach and use of the advanced analysis and evaluation tools we can help you to identify your strengths and discover potential improvements. As a result, we provide you with clear and actionable recommendations with assessments of priority to maximize the benefits of your site.

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