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Consistent and scalable design across all platforms

Powerful design systems with Storybook

As part of our full service, we provide our clients with a comprehensive design system. We use a design system combined with Storybook to create consistent user interfaces and a unified user experience across all platforms.

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Streamlined design process with a design system

A design system is a robust methodology that provides a set of standards used for design management, enabling consistency and efficiency in design and development. We work closely in collaboration with our clients, who take an active role in setting up, defining and approving the visual design elements and components which make up the design system.

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Main benefits of using design systems

Unified design language

A shared UI component repository creates a unified language of design. When UI components are consolidated in a well maintained repository the design system acts as a bridge. It enables a collaborative flow between designers and developers and results in a faster time to market.

Main elements of the UI components repository

Reusable components

Reusable sets of components streamline the building of complex consistent user interfaces. A design system acts as a single source of truth. It includes the visual and functional properties of components, providing a collection of assets that can be easily updated, reused, and customised across multiple projects.

Different pages using the same reusable components

Corporate design guideline

A design system is especially useful when the same UI components are used by different teams across projects. Providing a corporate design guideline that can be used by designers, developers, marketers builds trust, facilitates the flow between teams and supports the implementation of consistent design.

Corporate design guideline with colours, typography, buttons

Atomic design methodology

Design systems are built on the principles of atomic design. Design system foundations are like lego bricks that can be combined and used to create infinite designs of varying complexity with uniform simple consistent pieces.

Five elements of atomic design


Storybook is the tool that is used to manage the design system, it functions as a visual catalogue of the design system which brings together all defined elements in a central bank of components. It is a powerful frontend environment tool that allows teams to design, build, display and organise UI components.

Storybook with foundations, components, pages

Projects using design system and Storybook

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