Design system

A design system is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to manage design at scale. As part of our standard product package at 1xINTERNET we provide clients with a complete design system to ensure consistent branding, control of corporate design and complete governance of digital properties. We use a design system combined with Storybook to support clients in the creation of consistent user interfaces and a unified user experience across all platforms.

Streamline your design process with a design system

A design system is a robust methodology that provides a set of standards used for design management, enabling consistency in design and development. At 1xINTERNET we work closely in collaboration with our clients, who take an active role in setting up, defining and approving the visual graphic elements and components which make up the design system. Together we create a powerful design system to help you achieve consistent design, prepare your business for the future development and expansion, and increase your business influence on the market.

Achieve consistent design across multiple platforms

Unified design language

A shared UI component repository creates a unified language of design which facilitates frontend development by allowing quick replication, saving businesses both time and money. When UI components are consolidated in a well maintained repository the design system acts as a bridge. It enables a collaborative flow between designers and developers and results in a faster time to market.

Reusable components

Reusable sets of components streamlines the building of complex consistent user interfaces at scale. A design system acts as a source of truth for the management of an organisation's components. It includes the visual and functional properties of components, providing a collection of assets that can be easily updated, reused, and customised across multiple projects. Having an easily managed bank of reusable components has a measurable impact for the development of any project.

Corporate design guideline

A design system is especially useful when the same UI components are used by different teams across projects. Different web projects can use the same design system and the same brand can use varying designs from the same design system allowing for targeted communication to end users. Providing a corporate design guideline that can be used by designers, developers, marketers builds trust, facilitates the flow between teams and supports the implementation of consistent design.

Atomic design methodology

Design systems are built on the principles of atomic design. Good design means developing a system that unifies all elements of the user experience with visual consistency across platforms and devices. Design system foundations are like lego bricks that can be combined and used to create infinite designs of varying complexity with uniform simple consistent pieces.

Build a powerful design system for your business

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Storybook, the living digital style guide for your business

Storybook is the tool that is used to manage the design system, it functions as a visual catalogue of the design system which brings together all defined elements in a central bank of components. It is a powerful frontend environment tool that allows teams to design, build, display and organise UI components. 

A design system used in conjunction with Storybook can have a significant impact on design and development within an organisation. Storybook can be used to develop UI components in isolation, allowing us to test the functionality of each individual component and prevent bugs. The workflow between design and development is faster, more efficient and streamlined. Increased productivity saves both time and money.

Main benefits of using design system and Storybook

Better communication

Faster development

Reduced business costs




How design system and Storybook can help you grow

A robust design system will have a beneficial impact for your business, it will evolve with you as you grow and enable you to maintain consistency in your business branding. More than just the visual elements, a design system provides the tone and sets the communication standards of a company to its customers, being an extremely powerful tool for your marketing team.  

The unified visual language of a design system means consistency across the board. Consistent design creates consistent user experiences, and good UI and UX is essential for business. Reusable components means faster development; updating, changing and scaling designs becomes simple, even when done across teams, in different departments and platforms.

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