Content personalization

Personalized content management and user experiences make your online presence more relevant to individual customers and site visitors. Increase conversions, improve customer loyalty and grow customer lifetime value by delivering relevant information to your target groups. Whether website, application, or other internet-connected services, we can help you with the next steps on your digital marketing journey.

Start Small and Build From There

1xINTERNET has a methodology and the experience to help you start with personalization effectively and build on your successes. Begin by choosing just two or three user segments, serve them personalized content, analyze the content consumption, get better as the data comes in. Add more segments and content, and iterate—all within the boundaries of GDPR. It’s about making an educated guess, putting your best work out there, and updating your assumptions to reflect the signals you get back.

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Start Personalizing your Content Right Now

With every year, providing visitor-friendly digital experiences becomes more complicated. Yet customers’ expectations keep growing. People expect slick, intuitive interfaces and information tailored to their personal needs. The jargon and the number of options when it comes to web content personalization can be overwhelming, with all the talk of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, big data analytics, and so on. Once you’ve got a handle on the basics and you are serving more and more segments, how do you:

  • Manage the production of more and more tailored and targeted web content?

  • Stay GDPR compliant and respect privacy while delivering a great, personalized experience?

  • Avoid showing users out-of-date information, no longer relevant to them?

Planning personalized content

Want to learn more? Or get started?

Get in touch to get your personalization strategy moving today. Our methodology and experience cover everything from designing and implementing your whole project to specialized consulting and strategy development around web content personalization.

Set up your Personalized Content Strategy with 1xINTERNET

Our Personalization Methodology

Start improving conversions and your quality of service right now. It’s like breaking the ice in a conversation. You use your experience and intuition to choose the content you think your counterpart is interested in, then react to feedback to find common ground. Our rigorous methodology, delivered through workshops and consulting, helps. To begin, identify your segments and personas, design and deliver personalized content, targeted specifically at users, make user journeys shorter to provide better service, automate segment selection, expiry, and reactivation and before taking further action, measure success!

Personalisation methology

How can we support you with your personalization projects?

Our Digital Experience Platform can serve as a “headless” data repository, managing and serving content to any channel, including mobile apps, frontend frameworks, digital signage, and internet of things (IoT) devices. Maximize your revenue by serving customers consistently across channels and keeping your options open for the future.

Consulting on Third-Party Solutions

  • Learn the principles of personalization

  • Stay in control with a structured, strategic approach

  • Derive business value and serve customers better

  • Decide whom to personalize for, and how to generate, track, and manage the needed content

Personalize Content with our 1xDXP solution

  • Data repository for native, mobile, and frontend apps
  • Internet of Things devices
  • Frontend agnostic
  • Future friendly and compatible with tomorrow’s devices and channels

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Honest, Pragmatic Advice and Support

  • Consutlation to take pragmatic, manageable actions that deliver real, measurable business value, starting small and growing.
  • GDPR compliance—no indiscriminate data harvesting
  • Always know why you’re personalizing, for whom, and what the benefits are
  • Start small, measure, improve, add more
  • Cut through the buzzwords with an execution and learning-focused approach

Recently launched Personalization Projects

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Personalisation and performance with Drupal: creating a user-centric website with an integrated headless e-commerce system to boost online sales.

From our specialists at 1xINTERNET

"Personalization is a big buzz word at the moment. It might sound as something that’s not doable for the small and medium size players, but that’s wrong. By following the correct process, starting small to then building it up gradually, collecting the data on the way is very doable. It’s very satisfying to go through this process with a client and to witness the results. Getting the most relevant information quickly to the user must be everyone’s goal in their digital journey".

Diego Costa, Director of digital strategy at 1xINTERNET

Diego Costa, Director of Digital Strategy

"The mistake we need to avoid is wanting to do everything at the same time. Hard I know!  Start with well defined goal, make sure the content is doing its job,  measure the results, make changes if needed and then continue this process to reach your new goals. When this process is in place nothing can stop us from providing personalized content to your users". 

Anja Steting, Online Marketing at 1xINTERNET

Anja - Online Marketing specialist at 1xINTERNET