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What needs to be communicated to your employees? What do you need to tell them? What do they want to know? What are they communicating between themselves? Every company has a different corporate culture and an Intranet software should accommodate this. 1xINTERNET supports you in setting up your Social Intranet based on your company needs.

Why you should implement Social Intranet Software in your company?

The Forrester Employee Experience (EX) Index shows that employees who are satisfied with their collaboration tools at work and have access to all relevant subjects are much more engaged. Therefore the use of an Intranet can make a huge difference in corporate collaboration.

When selecting the Intranet software, care should be taken to ensure that the content is made available to employees via their preferred consumer channels such as web, mobile or other relevant enterprise applications. Personalization options and a flexible design and interface tools are also essential. 

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Use Drupal, to implement Social Intranet for your workplace. Communication is the key for happy workforce. We have endless possibilities when it comes to Social Intranet's features.

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Build up a powerful Social Intranet Solution with 1xINTERNET

With a powerful Intranet solution based on Drupal we support you in creating a sustainable information flow in your company. We can work with companies drawing up the concept and then implementation of your Intranet application.

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Popular features


  • Messages from management and work council
  • Important new articles
  • Digital notice boards
  • Company improvement suggestion from employees

Access to information

  • Powerful search with Elastic Search
  • Access to documents, video's and images
  • List of employees contact details
  • Integrated access to business information such as annual reports and sales figures

Social features

  • Likes and comments 
  • Birthday announcement 
  • Compliments between employees
  • Employee's classified

Recently implemented Social Intranet projects

Social intranet

Jägermeister - dynamic social intranet

A bottle of Jägermeister on a green background

Creating a centralised communication and collaboration hub "JägerNet" for an internationally distributed team of over 1000 employees.

Social intranet

City of Reykjavík - Social Intranet

1x Case Study Teaser City Reykjavik

The City of Reykjavík has over 9000 employees in different public sectors like schools, kindergartens and public government institutions. The old...

1xINTERNET uses Drupal for the development of companies Social Intranets

Drupal, the open-source content management system brings several advantages in the realization of Intranet solutions and has proven itself as a platform for knowledge management and internal corporate communication.

Drupal and 1xINTERNET

Advantages of Drupal as a Social Intranet software


Drupal is an Open Source CMS, therefore the use of the Intranet distributions are also free of charge


Drupal is continuously developed by an active community and used worldwide, so you can stay on the cutting edge of Intranet technology


The Intranet software can be adapted to the respective needs and the corporate design of any company

Time saving

Drupal and its Intranet modules are easy and quick to set up meet your needs.

Optimized for all devices

Our intranet solution is optimised for all devices, so employees can access information at all times through, laptops, mobiles and computers.

Intranet features

Our Intranet has wide range of  features. Announcement system, marketplace, meeting schedules, news feed, message forum and document storage to name few. All tailored to your company needs

From our client

"We needed a new innovative idea to make collaboration and communication between our internationally distributed teams more efficient. The goal was to make communication fast and more transparent. Use our new social media features and be able to inform our colleagues around the world. Our award-winning intranet fulfilled all these expectations and working with the 1xINTERNET team is very good."

Andrea Ostheer, Manager Corporate Communications at Mast-Jägermeister SE

 Andrea Ostheer

Frequently asked questions about 1x Social Intranet software

An Intranet strengthens the sense of community between the employer and the employee. If there is open and sufficient communication with employees, they feel valued and appreciated. This increases productivity and has a positive effect on the corporate culture. Furthermore, a company Intranet can promote team spirit and an efficient transfer of knowledge. Through improved cooperation, costs can be reduced and processes optimised. 

Functional and comfortable design

Most people use their mobile phones nowadays, so users need to be offered a responsive design that adapts to different screen sizes. 


A calendar function can be useful for displaying holidays and birthdays to reduce the number of emails sent to employees on this topic. 

Search function

When employees can't find the right information to their search request, they can quickly become frustrated. For this reason it is important to integrate a good search function. 

Notifications / Alerts

Employees should be kept informed of new posts or content through real-time Email or dashboard notifications. 

Social collaboration tools

With modern social Intranet functions, employees can be committed to share and label content, and to respond to it and you can follow favorite users. Surveys and studies can be provided and much more.

Interactive employee directory 

Such a directory facilitates cooperation with colleagues and quickly and easily establishes a connection to the right people.


Keep the team and employees directly on the Intranet homepage of the company about important announcements.

Drupal offers a variety of features that you can use individually for your company to promote knowledge transfer, social collaboration and internal communication between employees. The most important functions that an Intranet should contain can be realized with Drupal. In addition, further features can be implemented according to your needs.


Discussion Forums / Groups

Enabling the exchange of opinions, with moderators able to control discussions. The Drupal core module already brings the function of a forum.

User-friendly search function

The integrated Drupal search can be extended at this point, for example with the integration of "Apache Solr" to provide full text search, filtering with regular expressions, auto-complete and much more. 


The collaboration is organized in so-called wikis, so that the content can be edited or supplemented by any user. 

Password protection

Certain areas can be password-protected so that only those users who need it have access to information.

Social Collaboration Tools - Blogs, Chatrooms, Bookmarking, Dashboards

Various features offer users the opportunity for "social collaboration". Communication and information management thus becomes more efficient. 

Single Sign-In

Intranet users only need to log in once to access the selected intranet environment. 

The main difference between a social Intranet and a "general" Intranet is the dynamic knowledge transfer and collaborative work. Information and content are not only provided centrally by a moderator, but users can actively participate in the creation of content, network with each other, write blog posts and exchange information in Wikis, forums and chats. A social Intranet must therefore serve to convey information as well as to promote interaction, collaboration and Internal search.

Since Drupal includes the already finished distributions like Open Social, it is very easy to set up a social Intranet with the open source software. We at 1xINTERNET will help you with this.

Corporate policies and official documents

An area should be set up where the latest versions of all forms, policies and official documents of a company are stored.

Corporate strategy and goals

The possibility to refer to the corporate strategy helps to inform employees about the overall picture. In this way they know where the company is heading. The strategy section of the intranet should also include details of major initiatives and any sub-strategies, e.g. for different lines of business. 

Corporate values and social responsibility (CSR)

Many organisations are interested in explaining their values to employees and highlighting their commitment to supporting associations etc. This Intranet content can help build a culture that encourages engagement and gives employees a sense of purpose. 

Brand Center

Most companies want to show consistency both in tonality and visually in their communication. A Brand Center on the Intranet supports this. If possible, access to related digital resources such as logos, images, presentation templates, etc. should be included.

Information about products and services

Having information about the most important products and services of a company on the Intranet is very important. This is absolutely crucial for sales employees who have to discuss binding offers with customers. It also helps to raise internal employees' awareness of what the company does externally. Ultimately, this content can support better customer service.

Location information

Most companies have more than one location and it is very useful to have information about each one. The content should be targeted not only at the employees based at that location, but also at those who travel there. Typical intranet content for a site includes:

  • How to get there
  • Maps and floor plans
  • Facilities and safety information
  • Local hotels and restaurants
  • Essentials like the latest menu of the staff restaurant or Wi-Fi code for guests
Area for new employees

This can include an overview of the company with a tour of key areas such as organisational structure and strategy, as well as important forms and checklists. A streamlined onboarding process is not only efficient, but also ensures that the entire list is checked off each time a new employee is hired.

HR Information

Every employee should have access to HR information on the intranet. This can cover everything from social benefits to processes such as booking holidays or individual training. Including this content on the intranet can save HR managers a lot of time, as employees can find the answers to questions themselves.

Intranet Guide 

Last but not least, don't forget to include a section that instructs users on how to use the intranet. Although many modern Intranets are easy and intuitive to use and do not require training per se, there will be some users who are less familiar with the technology. This may be especially true for social elements of the Intranet, such as "commenting" or joining groups, which may be new to some employees. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), user documentation or instructional videos can provide great value to users.

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