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A good internet presence depends on many factors. As a software solutions provider, we always strive for the best for our customers. The speed and security of the search engine is an important factor for a positive digital experience. That's why we choose to work with Elasticsearch, one of the leading search and analytics solutions on the market. We are convinced that Elastic and Drupal is a perfect match able to create an advanced search system for an outstanding digital experience.

Powerful search and analytics engine

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What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a distributed, multitenant search and analytics solution for all types of data based on a common, flexible technology stack that can be deployed to any IT environment.

Elasticsearch is developed in Java and supports different programming languages. It has been on the market since 2010 and has excelled as a powerful enterprise search engine that allows you to store, search, analyse data and ensure fast search results for the entered query in near real-time.

How does Elasticsearch work?

Elasticsearch, like other search servers, achieves efficiency through an index search: instead of searching through large amounts of raw data, the program checks a pre-created index of all documents (or inverted index).  All data in the index is stored in the form of JSON documents and distributed across multiple shards. With the use of RESTful APIs Elasticsearch is able to provide you with the flexibility to process the raw data and execute search queries.

Building custom search experiences

Personalised search interfaces

A personalised search interface in a Drupal site differentiates it from other standard websites. We use Reactivesearch integrated with an Elasticsearch backend to create interfaces based on customer needs. This is an open source React UI component library for Elasticsearch. We use this technology to enhance standard Drupal's built-in views with exposed filters and custom search interfaces. With a powerful combination of React and Elastic we ensure a customized search experience for all of our clients.

Federated search

Handling content distributed across multiple platforms is no longer a challenge. Our professional team of Drupal developers can build an advanced search experience into your website with the integration of federated search. You will be able to get combined search results from queries of multiple information recourses in a single search interface. Federated search with Elastic is a fast and reliable solution to handle multiple databases, improve user experience and increase customer engagement on your site.

Improve your website search experience

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Elasticsearch features and benefits


Elasticsearch embedded in the software environment is a lightning fast search system. It is able to process, index documents and delivers query results extremely quickly, in near real-time even for large volumes of data sets.


Its distributed nature makes this powerful search engine even more secure. All documents are protected against hardware failure by creating redundant copies (or "replicas") of the stored data within primary shards.


It is horizontally scalable. All documents are distributed across multiple shards within multiple nodes (or "servers"). Formed clusters smoothly grow with your business and can be completely extended according to your needs.


It allows you to work with all type of data and different functionalities. It can be deployed to any IT environment and be used for multiple use cases. It is also a multilingual search platform. It is available in many different languages to satisfy your needs on an international market.


Elasticsearch is completely independent. It is open source search engine that can be downloaded by anyone. It offers a lot of different features that are 100% open and free of any licence costs.

What is Elasticsearch used for?

Enterprise search

Elasticsearch is commonly used in enterprises of different sizes and allows you to handle a large volumes of data and ensure a positive user experience. It offers a variety of searches such as search of documents, products in e-commerce business, people, blogs, e-mails, etc.

Website search

Elasticsearch can perform as an independent search engine for your website and execute fast and effective searches across all the content of your site.

Application search

Elasticsearch is a perfect solution for search based applications that depend on search engines for access, process or reporting of data. 

Log analytics

Elasticsearch stores and analyses the logs. It  provides you with different insights about your data that help you to decide on necessary actions.

Projects built with Elasticsearch

E-commerce solution

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A ship navigating on the Lake Constance

Personalisation and performance with Drupal: creating a user-centric website with an integrated headless e-commerce system to boost online sales.

Multisite solution

University of Iceland - Multi-site solution

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