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Robust and flexible CMS system

Our CMS solution is designed to meet enterprise-grade requirements. It simplifies content creation and management, streamlines workflow and collaboration, and ensures unique and consistent brand experience, scalability, and security. Looking for a solid foundation to accelerate your business growth? Try our fully configured CMS!

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Content sections with a drag-and-drop functionality

CMS solution that adds value to your business

Our CMS solution is built on the widely adopted open-source framework Drupal. 90% of the most common features and functionalities are available out-of-the-box, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. We deliver the CMS system to you with complete usage rights (no licence cost, no vendor lock in). It becomes yours, enabling you to use, customise and expand it to fit your unique business requirements.

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100% open-source framework

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90% of features out-of-the-box

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100% ready to use

Outstanding editorial experience

The CMS solution provides an outstanding editorial experience with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and intuitive design. It includes standard content and media types, content sections and templates, feature-rich CKEditor and real-time frontend editing. It makes it easy to create and manage content and multiple digital assets from a single interface without requiring any technical knowledge.

Integrated standard content sections

Streamlined workflow and collaboration 

It provides an extensible set of user roles, permissions and custom workflows. It allows you to maintain fine-grained control over all team members who access and work with the content on each stage of editorial workflow (draft, review, publish, etc.). It helps you easily define clear tasks and responsibilities, manage assignments and keep real-time track of progress and user activity.

Two content editors using CKEditor 5 in real time

Unique and consistent brand experience 

It comes with an integrated design system powered by reusable components that allows you to create a consistent and unified brand experience across all touchpoints. Personalised content, custom made features and additional functionalities can easily be added to enhance user experience and deliver value to your audience.

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Design assets such as fonts, colours, styles of elements

Modular and scalable architecture

Its API-driven technology helps you to easily integrate it with any other systems such as PIM, DAM, Intranet or E-commerce, and any IT environment. Its modular architecture allows you to focus on integrating extra features that enhance the functionality of your CMS and provide the best solution for your business needs. It supports both coupled and headless versions.

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A core CMS connected to three websites and their environments

Enterprise-grade security 

It offers enterprise-grade security to keep your website safe from data breaches and DDoS attacks. It provides you with strong encryption, secure data storage, access and transfer mechanisms and can be integrated with any SSO provider, ensuring your data remains protected at all times. With safe deployments, regular backups and automated security updates, you can always keep your website secure and up-to-date. 

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Main features and benefits of our CMS solution


User-friendly interface


Drag-and-drop functionality

Frontend editing

Content templates

Standard content/ media types out-of-the-box


Extensible user roles and permissions

Workflow management functionality

Real-time login history

Content staging

Content scheduling

Content versioning


User segmentation

Automatic/ manual user segmentation

Explicit/ implicit user segmentation

Flexible content delivery/ retrievals

Localised/ multilingual content management

SEO Optimised

Customizable URLs

All meta tags available (incl. OpenGraph, Twitter Cards)

Flexible redirects management

Integrated XML sitemap generator

Structured data integration (JSON-LD)

Mobile responsive


Headless or coupled versions

Modular architecture

API-driven technology

GraphQL out of the box

JsonAPI out of the box

Custom API support

Integration with any SSO provider and IT environment

Powerful search

Zero latency search

Fully extendable search system with filters and facets

Federated search for multisites


Lazy loading for higher performance

Granular caching possibilities

Content delivery via global CDN


Strong encryption

Secure data transfer mechanisms

Secure data storage

Secure data access

Safe deployments

Regular backups

Automated security updates

Trusted by industry-leading brands

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