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A high performance website that offers an outstanding user experience stands out in a competitive digital market. Choosing the right technology is crucial to accelerate a businesses success and reach its full potential. React is one of the leading frontend technologies on the market. It pioneered an intelligent design-first approach. React JS and React Native enable our frontend developers to create unique user experience and deliver reliable solutions for both web and mobile applications.

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Frontend development with React is an intelligent choice for your business. The core features of React such as a component-based approach and the use of virtual DOM (Document Object Model) empower web developers to build high performance, dynamic, responsive, scalable and ultra-fast web experiences. At 1xINTERNET we have a team of React experts developing state of the art web and mobile applications. We work with both React JS and React Native to help your business stay at the forefront of technology and outperform your competitors.

Leading frontend technologies for robust web and mobile applications

React JS vs. React Native

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React Development

High performance web and mobile applications with great user experience are no longer a challenge. Our experts in React JS and React Native development help you get the full benefit from both frontend technologies in order to build industry-leading applications and high-level solutions tailored to your needs.

React Integration

React technology aims to meet even the most complex business needs. Our dedicated team of React developers provide you with reliable API-driven integration solutions, connecting your business with other libraries and third-party applications. We preserve the integrity of your data and enhance your business performance.


Personalised search experience makes your business highly competitive on the digital market. Our team of React developers use ReactiveSearch integrated with an ElasticSearch backend to build ultra-fast, scalable search experiences. We implement, configure and enhance your search with customizable queries and themes.

React Support

Consistency and high performance of your web and mobile applications are our common goals. As a full-service agency, we provide you with first-class support for your web experiences built in React. We ensure that your applications are stable, robust and compliant with best practices of React development.

Leverage the full potential of frontend development with React

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Benefits of React for web development

Design-first approach

React is a great choice for creating exceptional UIs as it adopts a design-first approach based on reusable components. 

Reusable components

The component based architecture of React provides a simplicity that makes it easy to integrate and maintain.

Fast rendering

One of the main strengths of React is the fast rendering that comes from the use of a virtual DOM (Document Object Model).

High performance

React is a high performance frontend technology. React's simple programming model allows automatic state changes when data is updated, meaning fast response time and high performance.

Code Stability

React uses a downward data flow, to change an object developers modify its state. This structure of data binding makes the code stable.


React is a highly scalable and flexible tool for developing and can be used to build interfaces across a variety of platforms.


Components are built using a one-way data binding structure. Dynamic features created with React are easy to test and easy to maintain.


React is a leader in dynamic and highly responsive UIs. Compared to others, React is a lightweight technology that ensures a fast rendering mechanism and reduces the loading time of applications.

Robust Drupal backend for applications developed in React

React frontend with Drupal backend is a powerful combination of two leading technologies that gives web developers an opportunity to innovate and build highly competitive web experiences. All of our web solutions are based on Drupal, a solid and reliable CMS with an enterprise-level security standard. At 1xINTERNET we have the expertise and experience to help you to combine React frontend with decoupled Drupal backend in order to create high-performance, extremely responsive and interactive web and mobile applications that sprint ahead of the competition.

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React and Drupal