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Emotional connections, intuitive design

UX/ UI design for unique user experiences

UX/ UI design shapes the way users perceive, interact and finally engage with your brand. From the first interaction to the final conversion, our UX/ UI designers can assist you in creating intuitive user interfaces and building engaging user experiences that resonate with your target audience.

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Our approach to a user-centered design process

Our UX/ UI design process prioritises user-centered digital experiences, aiming to increase user engagement and customer loyalty through emotional connections and intuitive interactions.

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4 phases of the user-centered design process

1. Analysis

In the research and analysis phase, user needs are identified through persona development and research. These findings then serve as the basis for clear goals and challenges in the subsequent design process to ensure that the design is optimally tailored to the user.

  • User analysis and persona development
  • Surveys, interviews and observations
  • Analysing competitors and existing solutions
  • Definition of challenges and goals
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2. Conception

Active brainstorming, idea workshops and the involvement of an interdisciplinary team result in sketches and solution concepts. This creative process lays the foundation for innovative design approaches and makes it possible to look at the problem from different angles. The close co-operation within the team encourages a variety of perspectives, which flow into the development of a well-founded design concept.

  • Definition of challenges and goals
  • Brainstorming and idea workshops
  • Outlining solution concepts
  • Creation of low-fidelity prototypes (wireframes)
  • Carrying out tests with real users
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3. Design

In the visual design phase, the concept is translated into appealing visual elements. Colours, fonts and graphics are selected to create an attractive appearance. This phase is crucial to ensure a positive and memorable user experience.

  • Customisation of the design based on test results
  • Design development with brand guidelines in mind
  • Selection of colours, fonts and visual elements
  • Collaboration with developers for the realisation of the design
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4. Implementation

In the realisation phase, the visual design is implemented precisely by working closely with developers. The design system provides consistent guidelines and reusable components to ensure efficient development and a standardised look and feel.

  • Creation of design guidelines and documentation
  • Definition of all existing web components
  • Monitoring the implementation
  • Resolution of design problems
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