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Has your company, or you as a manager realised the potential of e-commerce or mobile commerce to increase sales? Are you looking for the perfect e-commerce solution and a professional partner to support you in the design, implementation and maintenance? At 1xINTERNET we can help you with this.

Seamless shopping experience with the right E-Commerce Solution

In times of Digital Customer Journey content and commerce are growing together. Personalized content is becoming increasingly relevant and the driving force behind sales in digital commerce. As a result, many online shops can no longer manage without a powerful CMS. When implementing  your e-commerce website, don't rely on two-track solutions blockers up time that can be used to build up revenues.

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Use Drupal which becomes a revenue driver for your online business through Drupal Commerce modules, plugins and integrations.

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Our services to support your E-Commerce strategy

We help you with the implementation of your e-commerce solution to setting up classic online shops, marketplaces, individual B2B order portals etc. With years of experience, building e-commerce solutions for companies, we will share our knowledge from the very beginning of the project, to secure successful implementation.

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Main Features and Benefits


Drupal provides you with a powerful taxonomy engine to maintain complex product and service offerings. Shoppers can use faceted search to narrow results to find exactly what is looked for.


Use Drupal to launch new promotions with drag&drop interface. Connect your shop easily with your analytics setup to measure your success. Everything is optimised for SEO from the beginning to secure that your site can be found by search engines.

Business reports 

Basic reports are in included and can be customised to fit you needs. Sales reports, order status, customer overview, payment methods etc.


Make sure your clients have the perfect shopping experience, whether its in a physical shop, online or on a mobile device. 

Easy content creation

Creating content needs to be quick and easy. With Drupal it's easy to create and maintain product description, newsletters, support articles and all other content needed for your business. 

Intergration with 3rd party

Connection to payment gateways, CRM systems, ERP packages, warehouses, search engines, performance tools and translation services is made possible with Drupal Commerce 

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Recently implemented E-Commerce projects

"What's for dinner" problem solved 

The example of Eldum Rétt, an Icelandic subscription service that delivers food boxes with ingredients and recipes for home cooking to private households, shows that the Digital Customer Journey does not stop at the kitchen home. The idea is to provide extremely flexible and varied offerings for customers of all family sizes that can be ordered and managed completely online, through their website and mobile apps. 

Go to Eldum Rétt Case Study

E-commerce case study eldum rett

Why we rely on Drupal Commerce as E-Commerce Software?

We have implemented countless solutions for small businesses with simple e-commerce websites to larger and more complex web shop solutions. With Drupal Commerce your web shop has a solid solution, both technically and in terms of usability.

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Drupal Commerce provides the following features

E-Commerce Functions

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Powerful product search through the Search API integration

  • Creation of product types with user-defined attributes 

  • Order management, line items

  • API for different payment methods

  • Various tax calculations / rates 

  • Discounts and coupon codes

  • Multi-currency

Customer administration

  • Check-out

  • Watchlist (Ad-to-Card) / Shopping Cart

  • Individual shipping costs

  • Customer account


  • Integration of Google Analytics

  • Personalization of products

  • Newsletter

Frequently asked questions about E-commerce solutions

In a shop system, the user should be able to search for the product and add it to the shopping cart and calculate the price of the order including discounts. The software must support interoperability with customer, product, content and ordering functions via APIs. In addition, the online shop must meet user expectations in terms of usability, speed and convenience. The shop operator, on the other hand, should be able to expand functionalities such as the number of articles or the number of sales catalogues. The same applies to the expansion as a multi-store for different brands and countries. Drupal Commerce supports these requirements.

  • Integration capability with enterprise systems (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce) and with third party systems using remaining APIs

  • Existing data and processes can be seamlessly linked to content and commerce

  • Content and data silos are avoided 

  • High level of automation

  • Modularity and expandability to map very specific sales scenarios, independent of company type or use case

  • Optimized for search engines

  • Internationalization

  • Special design and implementation packages

  • Headless architecture

Drupal Commerce is active on 56,000 Drupal installations (as of August 2020). The e-commerce software is mainly used for larger e-commerce websites for example the jewellery manufacturer Cartier.

A headless commerce solution technically separates the front end and the back end from each other. An interface (API) enables the integration of third-party systems. Innovations can thus be implemented quickly and flexibly. Developers can focus on development and do not have to deal with the presentation of content. In this way, content can be provided and optimized centrally from the back end for playout on any device. The frontend can be adapted at any time without having to completely rebuild the backend. Due to this modular structure of a Headless Commerce solution, content is reusable, independent of the channel. The result is time saving and effective content creation. A headless commerce solution is particularly worthwhile if different channels are to be used and the content is to be used for different devices. The content then only has to be created once and can then be published by a central system on the various channels and touchpoints. Drupal Commerce works "headless".

Yes, even though Drupal Commerce is our first choice, we understand that the customer often has other Commerce products used in their company. Our client Transgourmet uses the SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris) as a headless shop backend and we are in charge of the React frontend. 

We have integrated many different ERP products to our client projects. At Penninn/Eymundsson webshop and a few more, we integrated the shop with Microsoft Dynamics Navision. We also have experience of integrating webshops to the Icelandic DK Hugbúnaður software. 

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