Drupal Hosting

The right hosting provider is the foundation for building high-performance websites. Every web project needs a fast and reliable hosting solution to ensure an optimal user experience. At 1xINTERNET we provide our clients with best-in-class hosting for all Drupal web projects: from small simple websites to complex multisite solutions. All websites hosted on our infrastructure are tuned to deliver high-performance, secure and reliable digital experiences.

Accelerate Time to Market with Drupal hosting solution

1xHosting is an effective solution for delivering high-performance, secure, and reliable digital experiences. It helps you to accelerate time to market for your Drupal projects and significantly reduces business costs. Our Drupal-tuned web hosting solution offers a modern infrastructure, automated development workflows that speed up the software release life cycle, robust performance and security mechanisms, easy website management, 24x7 monitoring and support from a skilled DevOps team, helping your business thrive and stay at the forefront of technology.

Our infrastructure and workflow for continuous integration and delivery

The infrastructure and workflow for continuous integration and delivery
The infrastructure and workflow for continuous integration and delivery

Main features of our web hosting solutions

Websites hosted by 1xINTERNET are run on virtual machines or dedicated hardware. All servers have the following characteristics:

Ultrafast response time

1xHosting guarantees blazing fast response time for all hosted websites with the possibility to request advanced caching mechanisms (Memcache/ Redis) and optional integration of caching services for edge delivery.

Drupal optimized

All our servers are based on a Drupal-optimized software-stack, including separated virtual environments (Live, Stage, Test), continuous integration and delivery infrastructure (automatic deployments), and Solr/ Elastic search backend instances.


Our Drupal hosting solutions are based on highly scalable virtual servers, optimized bare metal servers, or customized HA (high availability) solutions with the possibility of growing resources on demand (CPU, RAM, disk space).

High security

Our solutions have strong encryption and secure data transfer mechanisms; automated security updates and protection service against malware,  data breaches and DDoS attacks.


Daily off-site backup of databases, files and source code, including weekly environment snapshots. All systems are fully backed up with a minimum one week retention and additional incremental backups that are stored for longer periods.


Backed by a 99.95% uptime and 24/7 monitoring of network and infrastructure to ensure the highest performance of the servers and optimal user experience even during traffic spikes.

Trusted by industry-leading brands

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Our partners and reliable Drupal hosting providers

Your website performance, security and reliability depend on the service you opt for. At 1xINTERNET we always try to find the most optimal solution for your Drupal project. Our strong partnership with best-in-class Drupal hosting providers as Acquia, Pantheon and Platform.sh help us to achieve this goal and meet all your business requirements.

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Totally Drupal optimized hosting solution based on AWS Cloud Platform.

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High-performance hosting solution based on Google Cloud Platform.

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Enterprise hosting solution with multi cloud support: AWS, Azure, Google, etc.

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