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Maggi.de - successful repositioning

CMS solution
Drupal, React, Apache Solr


With over 12 million users per year, Maggi.de has long been ranked as one of the most visited recipe sites for food manufacturers in Germany. However, in view of the growing number of similar sites on the Internet, Maggi recognised the need to differentiate itself.


Maggi made a strategic decision to evolve beyond merely providing recipes, transforming the original recipe platform into a comprehensive, consumer-orientated service portal based on Drupal that offers end consumers a true added value in their everyday lives.


Today, Maggi.de provides a holistic experience, offering comprehensive services such as information on food, specific food preparation guidance and a unique feature exclusive to the German market that makes use of local offers tailored to a user’s location for culinary inspirations.


Maggi GmbH

Maggi GmbH, a subsidiary of Nestlé Deutschland AG headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a renowned company in the consumer goods (FMCG) sector. Founded in 1897, the long-established company has earned an excellent reputation for its distinctive and unique flavouring, often referred to as "that certain something".

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Comprehensive service portal based on Drupal

Grown out of the Drupal distribution of the parent company Nestlé, Maggi.de has provided a user-friendly platform with a wealth of culinary information, tips and suggestions on all aspects of food and the optimal preparation of dishes since 2019.

Maggi is constantly evolving its services, implementing innovative ideas. The service portal caters to the current needs of end consumers. In addition to the option of being inspired by daily changing recipes, consumers can download entire weekly plans.

They can also search for specific recipes according to categories such as "low carb" or "cooking with vegetables" and get a price reference for each dish. A magazine also provides inspiration on all aspects of food and its preparation.

Screenshot of the Maggi.de website homepage

Some facts about Maggi.de website

Screenshot showing recipes portal on the Maggi.de website
Screenshot showing detailed recipe page on the Maggi.de website

Maggi uses newly gained consumer insights to remain closely attuned to their audience in order to offer them an outstanding service. Our role as a partner and Drupal expert is to help Maggi.de maintain, refactor and implement new features aligned with consumer needs. The website continuously adapts to meet the evolving requirements.

Drupal distribution

The latest Drupal application was connected to the Maggi microservice, which serves as the central interface for database access. 

React application

On the user side, a React application is used to improve the search experience and facilitate access to the website's content.

SOLR search

A SOLR search was implemented to optimise the recipe search and ensure that users can quickly find the recipes they are looking for.

To implement the promotion finder, large amounts of data were integrated from the Drotax database, which contains market price data from over 78,000 supermarkets across Germany. This data was successfully migrated to an internal microservice of Maggi (Nestlé Drupal Distribution) to match current offers with the list of thousands of recipe ingredients.


"A decisive contribution to positive change..."

"It's not just about leftovers that are waiting to be utilised in the fridge, but also about new inspiration that end consumers may not even have thought of. Some of our recipe pages under "You can do it with one of these" contain great suggestions and ingredient tips - such as how to use up leftover pointed cabbage. With "LECKER RETTER®", Maggi wants to make a decisive contribution to positive change in the long term!"

Grischa Widmaier, PO Maggi.de 

Photo of Grischa Widmaier

Unique and innovative features for Maggi.de

Consumer goals, such as reducing food waste, time efficiency, cost awareness and convenience through simplicity, are incorporated into innovation processes and technically implemented in a timely manner. The new enhancements to the Drupal platform offer an ideal means to engage consumers though the new service portal in a personalised and needs-oriented way.

Screenshot showing LECKER RETTER® initiative on the Maggi.de website

LECKER RETTER® - less food waste initiative

'LECKER RETTER®' was launched in Germany to counteract the annual 11 million tonnes of food waste, with half occurring in households. The initiative fights against food waste through an interactive chatbot, prompting users to engage through a pop-up window. The chatbot offers useful tips on how to store and creatively repurpose leftover food. "LECKER RETTER®" presents delicious recipes that have been specially developed to transform these "leftovers" into tasty dishes.


Screenshot showing KiM chatbot functionality on the Maggi.de website

KiM chatbot - digital kitchen assistant 

The chatbot KiM provides more than 2,600 recipes and innovative cooking ideas. Since 2020, interaction with KiM via WhatsApp has enabled consumers to get great inspiration for storing and using food with just a few clicks. In addition to facilitating targeted searches for specific recipes, the service offers a choice of two cookery courses specially developed for WhatsApp users, as well as the option to receive weekly plans through a subscription feature.

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Screenshot showing aktionsfinder functionality on the Maggi.de website

Aktionsfinder - local offers as daily inspirations

In 2023, Maggi.de introduced a new feature that uses the weekly price fluctuations of local supermarkets in Germany such as EDEKA, Rewe and others to take advantage of the special deals depending on the consumer's location and thus reduce the strain on the household budget. This innovative feature integrates current local special offers and links them to the ingredient lists of recipes stored in the system. This service is unique in Germany and enables users to organise their meals in a cost-efficient and tasty way.

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Awarded for innovation and technology

As one of the most innovative and technically advanced projects, “Maggi.de - Drupal extension for a new market positioning” won a double award at the Splash Awards Germany / Austria 2023.

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Grown out of the Nestlé's Drupal distribution

Maggi.de was created from Nestlé's Drupal distribution and was satisfied with the Drupal platform. The modularity and the cost-efficient open-source solution as well as the high security standards and the easy integration of new functions and third-party solutions were convincing. This makes Drupal the ideal choice for Maggi.de.

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