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The World Organization of the Scout Movement is a non-profit organisation, a worldwide youth movement whose mission is to contribute to the education of young people through a value-based system. The World Scouting website was built using Drupal 7, an update was required to improve accessibility to the content. 1xINTERNET implemented a multilingual CMS solution in Drupal 9 to help the organisation achieve their goals of a modern, accessible and responsive website.

Who is the World Organization of the Scout Movement?

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1907 and has grown to become the world's largest educational youth movement. Scouting is a global youth movement with a mission to contribute to the education of young people through a value-based system, inspiring them to be active citizens who play a constructive role in society. The World Organization of the Scout Movement has headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and operates 7 regional offices. There are over 57 million people active through 173 National Scout Organizations in 225 countries and territories worldwide.

The WOSM website brings together all global activities of the scout organisation, providing information about the scout movement, events, news and participation. WOSM  needed a new site with easily accessible structured content for visitors. The original website was built using Drupal 7 but an update was required to Drupal 9 and the Scout organisation sought the help of 1xINTERNET.

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What problem was the client facing?

The World Scouting website, built using Drupal 7 had become outdated and was not accessible to all the national scout organisations worldwide. Drupal 7 was reaching end of life and the website was experiencing bugs as some of the core modules were no longer receiving support. This prompted WOSM to look for a better solution and upgrade. 

The website design was visually inconsistent and the search function wasn’t working properly for event and news updates making it difficult for users to access the information they needed. The website was vast in terms of content, this needed to be better structured to make it more accessible and easier for web editors to update and maintain. 

WOSM partnered with 1xINTERNET to redesign and redevelop the site with the goal of making it engaging and accessible for users worldwide. The restructuring of content and migration to Drupal 9 posed a challenge as it had to be aligned with the content strategy of WOSM and translated into multiple languages. The language translation module of the website was crucial, as this would allow accessibility to the diverse groups of users around the world.

How could we help?

1xINTERNET closely collaborated with WOSM to create an engaging and visually appealing website using Drupal 9 that fulfilled their requirements. The primary goal was to redesign and redevelop the website to meet the user's needs and align with WOSM’s content strategy. Our 1xCMS solution provided a modern and responsive website that works flawlessly across different devices.

Our design team developed a fresh and consistent UX design using a design system integrated with Storybook. We migrated and restructured the content to make it easily accessible to a wide spectrum of users. A well organised and visually appealing navigation system facilitates access to information. The new CMS solution streamlined the website administration, enhancing the editorial experience and allowing content editors of all skill levels to maintain and enhance the site efficiently.

To make the website accessible worldwide, we integrated the Drupal translation management module TMGMT along with SmartCat to facilitate the website translation process.  SmartCat seamlessly integrates with the CMS to automate translation workflows, making it easier for web editors to manage translations. Scouts, being a global website, required this feature to ensure they reached their global audience.

We integrated with the WOSM SSO (Single-Sign-On) solution, enabling users to log in using their WOSM credentials. This streamlined the login process, eliminated the need for users to remember additional Drupal-specific usernames and passwords, improved user experience and made it easier to access content.

From the client

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"1xINTERNET has been instrumental in modernising and transforming our main website at the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Their remarkable work on migrating to Drupal 9, enhancing the user interface, and integrating an effective translation module has made our website more accessible to Scouts worldwide. The team's dedication, professionalism, and client-focused approach have exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend 1xINTERNET to any organisation looking to amplify their web presence."

Mihajlo Atanackovic, Director Digital and IT, World Organization of the Scout Movement

Main features of the project

Seamless Migration to Drupal 9

The restructuring and migration of content to Drupal 9 improved accessibility for users and simplified content management for editors. As a result, the website is now easier to navigate and maintain.

Multilingual translation with TMGMT & SmartCat

The translation module facilitates the translation process for WOSM. Multilingual content means it is widely accessible to scouts worldwide. This was an important feature for a global organisation.

Powerful Solr Search

The Solr search provides accurate and relevant search results. Facilitating access to content was one of the main objectives of the World Scouting organisation.

Intuitive UX Design

Our solution utilises a design system integrated with Storybook using web components to provide WOSM with a consistent design and a responsive seamless user experience.

1xCMS system

The 1xCMS solution provides maximum flexibility with minimum complexity. Structured content benefits users who can navigate and access relevant information.  It also  offers a powerful editorial experience.

Integration with Scouts Directory

Provides data about Scout organisations worldwide. Users can search for and find National Scout organisations, events, and other information related to scouting.

Why was Drupal a good fit for this project?

The World Scouting website was running on Drupal 7 and they were happy with Drupal as the technology of choice. Drupal is a reliable open source option for a large non profit as there is no vendor lock-in meaning no mounting cost. Migrating to Drupal 9 was the obvious choice for WOSM as they looked to upgrade. Partnering with 1xINTERNET meant choosing a solid Drupal expert to manage the migration. The 1xCMS solution provided the features and functionalities Scouts were looking for to meet the requirements of their content strategy and to improve editorial experience.

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