VfSt - optimised e-commerce solution

E-commerce solution
Drupal, Apache Solr


As the leading specialist publisher in the field of civil status VfSt needed to update its website to improve the e-commerce functionality and make purchasing easier. The search was not linked to all information in the backend, which led to insufficient search results and needed optimising to ease access to information and publication listings.


The website transitioned from a proprietary system to open source Drupal for long term cost savings. A redesign, featuring optimised search, was undertaken to improve user experience and facilitate access to content. Drupal Commerce was implemented to ensure seamless purchase transactions.


The result is a secure, modern website with a fully functional online shop that prioritises user experience and boasts an optimised search function, ensuring a reliable and simplified purchasing process. Thanks to the new search functionality and the structured presentation of all stored publications, the number of timely purchases increased.


Verlag für Standesamtswesen

Verlag für Standesamtswesen (VfSt) is the leading specialist publisher and software producer in the field of civil status. The company provides specialist literature, quality assured by authors from science and administration, to registry offices and their supervisory authorities as well as to all those who deal with civil status law. For decades, the publishing house has been developing expert systems for the special requirements of registry offices, including the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG), with its software products AutiSta and ePR-Server. Expertise in civil status and technical competence in software development are the distinguishing features of the publishing house.

Screenshot of the "About us" page on the VfSt website
The Project

Intuitive user experience & effortless purchasing with Drupal Commerce

During the initial development phase, 1xINTERNET and VfSt collaborated to rethink the concept of the website. Workshops centred on identifying different user journeys, evaluating the relevance of existing site components and determining the most suitable implementations for an enhanced user experience.

In the second phase, a thorough review of the publisher's proprietary code was conducted. This couldn't be migrated to Drupal 9 so a redesign was implemented to ensure a smooth transition to Drupal. 

To facilitate an intuitive user experience and provide access to the most relevant content, enhancements were made to the search functionality and content presentation. A robust connection to the "Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher" (VLB) database was established. Clear organisation and presentation of the various publications, including folio collections, journals, books and eBooks, resulted in faster access for users to relevant content. 

The strategic integration of the Drupal Commerce module transformed the purchasing process, supporting timely transactions in an easy and reliable interface. The powerful capabilities of Drupal Commerce have empowered the VfSt platform which now offers a user friendly, feature rich, optimised e-commerce solution.

Screenshot showing publication listings on the VfSt website

"We are looking forward to further collaboration..."

“Thank you for the successful relaunch of our publishing website. We are particularly proud of the significantly improved customer area and the time-saving editorial maintenance of our products. Working with you was great - very professional and very pleasant from a human point of view. Your working methods were very efficient and professional. We are looking forward to further collaboration.”

Anke Jakob, Project manager, VfSt

Photo of Anke Jacob
The highlights

Streamlined purchasing with Drupal Commerce

Streamlining the checkout process, we seamlessly integrated the existing system with Drupal Commerce and the SAP platform. This ensures a familiar and efficient shopping experience within the well established systems.

Simplified registration process

Transferring the interface to SAP introduced a simple and effective login process, allowing customers to access the secure customer area through their SAP interface. This procedure is executed with due consideration for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

SOLR search to facilitate access to publications

To streamline access to content, SOLR search was implemented in the backend. This robust search feature spans all pages, facilitating access to the vast library of publications. A functional and efficient search mechanism is important to ensure the extensive database publications are accessible to users.

Optimised display and organisation of content

The way VfSt publications are displayed has been structured more clearly and optimised for mobile display. This clear and mobile-friendly display is crucial for facilitating easy navigation, aiding users in swiftly locating publications, and ultimately influencing their decision to buy.

Screenshot showing software listings on the VfSt website
Screenshot showing news listings on the VfSt website

Modular open source Drupal CMS and data security

Drupal's CMS is clearly structured with an extensive selection of modules and uniform appearance making it easy for editors to create new pages and maintain existing content. Thanks to Drupal being open source it is not only an economical choice but also adheres to the highest security standards. Existing third-party products are easily integrated into the structure.

Benefits of Drupal for VfSt internally

  • Simple, fast, and modular expandability of the system - allowing for seamless scalability. 
  • Uniform appearance across pages and sections - consistent and cohesive. 
  • Intuitive UI for editors - easy editing experience for creation and updating. 
  • Robust data security to safeguard intellectual property.
  • Profitability - a cost-effective solution delivering value. 
  • Integration with external systems - such as SAP for registration and VLB for product display.

Benefits of Drupal for external users of VfSt

  • Easy Login - user friendly login for a hassle free entry point for external users. 
  • Powerful search functionality facilitating accurate access to information. 
  • Intuitive user journey to purchase & payment completion. 

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