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Schwaketenbad is a popular family orientated swimming pool complex with waterslides in Konstanz, Southern Germany. In 2015 the building was destroyed in a fire and after a long 7 year redevelopment Schwaketenbad were looking to relaunch their website to coincide with the reopening of the pool.

Who is Schwaketenbad? 

Schwaketenbad is an indoor pool complex in Konstanz, Southern Germany.  In 2015 this popular water playground burned down completely in a fire and was destroyed. After a long 7 year redevelopment Schwaketenbad needed to relaunch their website to coincide with the reopening of the pool. 1xINTERNET provided a fast 1xDXP solution; a modern, contemporary and optimised website designed and delivered within a month.

What problem was the client facing? 

Schwaketenbad was a popular swimming pool complex but it had disappeared from the market for almost 7 years due to the fire and subsequent redevelopment process. They needed a modern website to be created fast; target-oriented and optimised in order to secure their market share as quickly as possible.

The relaunch of the website had to coincide with the reopening of the Schwaketenbad complex. They needed a website that could communicate all of the main information to customers in a visually appealing and easy to find mobile first design. They wanted the website to be future oriented so that it could be gradually expandable to include a booking system and ticket sales.

How could we help?

1xINTERNET provided a modern web solution using our 1xDXP Digital Experience Platform. This allowed the website to be implemented very quickly with future scalability in mind.

Schwaketenbad understood that in order to re-enter the market and increase competitiveness it was necessary to create an audience-oriented design. Retrieval of relevant information was top priority as this would also help to relieve the burden of other customer contact points. 1xINTERNET provided a beautiful, accessible and intuitive design which presented all the information about the pool in a user friendly way.

Analysis of customer needs through targeted tracking provides comprehensive customer data, which is used to enable continuous optimization of the online infrastructure as well as efficient and faster market penetration. With 1xINTERNET, Schwaketenbad found a strategic partner to drive digitalization forward on the website in a user centred way.

Main features of the project

Speed to delivery 

Schwaketenbad needed a website solution fast. From conception to delivery 1xINTERNET provided a modern design, fully functional high end website within one month.

1xDXP solution

A fast, beautiful, easy to use Digital Experience Platform created by 1xINTERNET with future scalability in mind.

UI Design

1xINTERNET provided a modern, attractive UI design in which users can access important information in just a few clicks.


To increase visibility and competitiveness.

1xDXP products used in the project

The Schwaketenbad website is fully based on 1xDXP solution, this made it fast to implement a fully functional website with future scalability in mind. 

Based on the solid Drupal framework, 1xDXP has all the necessary functionality of a digital experience platform. 1xDXP is a powerful solution created with scalability in mind, this was important for Schwaketenbad as they wanted a web presence that could extend in the future to include booking systems and ticket sales.

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