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SENEC is a provider for solar energy devices in Germany, Italy and Australia. The solar energy market is highly competitive. To be able to compete, all companies have to think outside the box and innovate. The main challenge of this long-term project is to build a strong online presence with an excellent user experience, exceptional user interaction elements and features to present SENEC as an international comprehensive supplier of decentralised energy transition and renewable energy systems.

Who is SENEC?

SENEC is a provider for innovative solar energy solutions in Germany, Italy and Australia and is among the top 3 leading companies in its industry. It is a fast growing startup and a daughter company of EnBW, one of the largest German energy providers. Being experts in energy independence, SENEC actively supports their consumers' energy transition with innovative ideas and pioneering products. All SENEC solutions are driven by a strong commitment to a sustainable future.

SENEC for a sustainable future

Common goals for a long-term collaboration

Our journey together started after the first successful website relaunch for our client in 2019. SENEC is an ambitious international company that strives to lead a competitive digital market for solar energy solutions. To stay ahead of the competition they needed to build a strong online presence for all their web properties at the cutting edge of technology. With a long-term collaboration with 1xINTERNET, three main business goals became possible:

  • High performance website with modern design and a strong focus on user experience and user interaction.

  • SEO optimised website to boost online visibility and generate high-quality organic traffic.

  • Lead generation website with advanced tracking mechanisms, marketing and analytics systems.

Main features of the project


Robust Drupal Backend and Decoupled Frontend

As a part of our daily collaboration, we keep SENEC´s website up to date with the latest features and functionalities based on recent trends in continuous Drupal development. The UX design has been created using a component-based design methodology. A decoupled frontend has been implemented using Storybook.

By decoupling the frontend and backend, both areas can be extended and programmed independently of each other. For the project, this means a significantly lower dependency and an increased implementation speed. Read more about the benefits of design systems in our blog. 

The website has a number of graphical highlights and elements for user engagement, like google map integrations, flexible web form layouts and dynamic interactive features.

SENEC Configurator - SENEC Haus

The most technically advanced feature, recently implemented to the website, is the SENEC Haus configurator for users. This animated feature helps potential customers understand the benefits of the SENEC.360 solution.

The SENEC Haus combines a 3D-JS House inside a React App. The React App itself combines data from SENEC API and aggregated Data coming from Drupal. The feature is integrated in Drupal as a Block.

This dynamic interactive feature allows users to input data about their real home to calculate energy savings and self-sufficiency.

React application for new contracts system

Creating an energy contract is a complicated process with many steps and conditions. To create the best possible customer experience, we implemented a React-based solution. We created a progressively decoupled React App for the form submission process.

The form consists of a series of different steps with beautiful custom interaction elements. Power consumption data is collected and instantly validated both in the App and server side. At the end of the process, gathered data is sent to an internal API of SENEC and a legally binding energy contract is closed.

In addition to the interaction with a React App, users can also get in touch with SENEC via regular webforms. The results are automatically sent to both the Hubspot marketing automation software, MX Dynamics, and an internal CRM system. Due to GDPR regulations and in accordance with SENEC Technical and Organisational Measures (TOM), no customer data is stored within the Drupal system.

SENEC form submission

Optimization for SEO and lead generation

One of the main goals of the project is to build a strong online presence and convert the website into a lead generation machine. To achieve this, advanced tracking mechanisms, marketing and analytics systems were implemented into the website. Continuous SEO optimization and content strategy based on user journey and user personas boost online visibility in search engines and attract relevant, high quality organic traffic to the website.

Technical challenges of the project

  • Performance optimization for feature-rich website 

  • Integration of JS-Based functionality (Google Maps, React) with Storybook

  • Integration of advanced interactive features (SENEC Configurator)

  • Advanced tracking mechanisms, marketing and analytics systems for conversion optimization (GA4, marketing automation system Hubspot, MX Dynamics, Facebook API)

  • SEO optimization and content strategy for higher online visibility

  • Fully automated deployment workflows to custom containerized hosting environment (Kubernetes, Docker)

International Splash Awards Winner

In 2019 SENEC was recognised as a winner and awarded the best Drupal project across 10 categories in  The International Splash Awards in Amsterdam. The International Splash Awards provide an opportunity for Drupal projects and innovations to be recognized on a global scale, highlighting the expertise and potential of the Drupal platform for digital innovation.

We´re proud to be a part of this great success and eager to continue this challenge for the leading position in the competitive digital market together with SENEC.

SENEC - Winner of the International Splash Awards

From the client

“Continuous development to achieve an outstanding user experience and online marketing consultancy to increase online visibility and convert the website into a strong lead generation machine, are core elements of our daily collaboration. 1xINTERNET offers consultancy in SEO as well as Drupal implementation, and was therefore a great choice”.

Ramona Göbhart, Team Lead Digital Marketing at SENEC

Why was Drupal a good fit for this project?

SENEC requested Drupal because of its excellent reputation as an enterprise grade CMS solution. The IT department of SENEC operates all systems in-house, and Drupal can be easily integrated in the existing IT environment due to its open-source standards and in-built API functionalities.

“We are amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of Drupal backend. Our editors can produce better content and work much faster than before. This allows us to focus more on growing our online business and reach our audience better”.

Nils Buntrock, Former Director Marketing at SENEC

The most important part of SENEC's IT environment is that Drupal connects to feature-rich APIs that can be used to retrieve product information, usage data and contract details from third-party applications. The website is seamlessly integrated into the distributed IT architecture (customer APIs, marketing automation system Hubspot, MX Dynamics, CRM system, Analytics systems, etc.).

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