HEICO SPORTIV - modern e-commerce system

E-commerce solution
Drupal, Apache Solr


The original HEICO SPORTIV web shop lacked proper e-commerce functionality and only served B2B clients. The aim was to increase sales with a modern solution that served both B2B and B2C customers. The complexity lay in managing a diverse product catalogue, handling different price lists with different VAT calculations for each user category.


The solution is a system built with Drupal Commerce, which fulfils the needs of both B2B and B2C customers. It seamlessly integrates with the merchandise management system and incorporates a smooth payment process. The implementation ensures simplified maintenance for editors managing the extensive product catalogue and content. 


The outcome is a sophisticated web shop with all the functionality expected in a modern e-commerce solution catering to both B2B and B2C users. Products are organised in a sleek, visually appealing design. The extensive catalogue is organised for a seamless user experience, making products accessible to a diverse range of user groups. 



HEICO SPORTIV has been customising Volvo cars since 1995. The customization program includes innovative, high-quality, and performance-oriented products for all Volvo series. These products encompass performance enhancements, sports rims, exhaust systems, sports suspensions, brake systems, and design elements for the exterior and interior. All products are designed, engineered, and produced in Germany.

Screenshot of the HEICO SPORTIV website homepage and mobile view

E-commerce solution to meet the needs of B2B & B2C customers

The existing web shop built in Drupal 7, lacked a payment option and exclusively targeted B2B customers. In order to broaden their client base and increase sales, the company wanted to expand the web shop to include B2C customers. The goal was to develop an e-commerce solution that aligned with the needs of both target groups and would boost sales. 

Using Drupal Commerce we developed a professional e-commerce solution for both B2B and B2C customers, complete with an integrated payment process. HEICO SPORTIV has an extensive product catalogue with a wide range of accessories to fit various Volvo engines, transmissions, and year models. The challenge lay in efficiently managing the experience of different user groups, with distinct price lists and VAT calculations based on whether the customer is a dealer or regular customer. Despite the backend complexity, we were able to ensure a straightforward purchasing process for all customers.

The e-commerce system was integrated with a merchandise management system, providing users with a cohesive experience where products are efficiently classified and easily accessible. The design is modern, in keeping with the high end image of an exclusive manufacturer of top tier tuning accessories. 

Screenshot showing HEICO SPORTIV product catalogue
Screenshot showing HEICO SPORTIV website product categories

Drupal Commerce functionality

Product management 

Seamless integration importing products from the HEICO SPORTIV ERP System, enhancing operational efficiency.

Editorial experience

By enabling the addition of rich text snippets to multiple products simultaneously it is easy for editors to optimise and enrich product listings. 

Drupal Commerce

Integration with Drupal Commerce provides all the functionality expected of a modern e-commerce website.

Customised pricing 

Dealers are assigned distinct price lists by HEICO based on their business structures. Specific price lists can now be added to specific clients solving the complexity involved in managing multiple client requirements. 

SOLR Search

SOLR search was implemented to deliver a streamlined faceted sitewide search experience for both products and content.

Image comparison feature

A sleek image comparison feature was added which enables users to compare two products with a sliding controller. 

Screenshot showing the HEICO SPORTIV image comparison feature
Screenshot of a feature page from the HEICO SPORTIV website

Drupal Commerce solution with smart integrations

As advanced users of Drupal, switching to a different CMS was not a consideration for HEICO SPORTIV; instead, they sought a partner with expertise to upgrade their system. Drupal Commerce was a solid choice for a professional e-commerce site, offering high security standards and a secure payment process. Drupal allows for seamless integrations, making it easy to integrate with the product management system in use. 

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