A year of the 1xBRANDCHALLENGE

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The 1x brand challenge started naturally one weekend in our company WhatsApp group. A colleague shared a photo of his 1x bag on the beach with a message saying “Greetings from the beach in Spain”, then someone else shared a photo from a restaurant with the message  “Greetings from Berlin”, then came another with the 1x bag by a lake with a  “Greetings from Austria”. 

It was nice to get these glimpses of our colleagues' lives, sharing what they were up to in their free time, and from there the idea of a monthly 1xBRAND CHALLENGE 2022 was born, just a bit of fun each month with a chance to win a 1xINTERNET toblerone. Yum!


We currently have 77 employees from 24 different countries, we communicate in English but we speak 18 different languages. We celebrate our diversity, our differences and what we have in common. During this past year our 1x rucksack, 1x water bottle and 1x clothes have been to Morocco, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Egypt, USA, and of course all over Spain, Germany and Iceland where we have offices and most of our employees are based. 

An ex employee who left the company to travel even joined in by sending a photo from Bali, what a nice way to keep in touch with our old colleague and friend!


When we make our 1x merchandise we choose things that are practical because we want them to be worn and used. We have produced quality cotton t-shirts and sweaters, a practical rucksack, a useful water bottle: we give thought to producing things that will be appreciated by our team.

We have a dynamic team and between us there are a variety of interests and sports practised - salsa dancing, diving, climbing, cycling, golf, BMX stunt riding, hiking, yoga, kite surfing, cross-fit, jujitsu and the list could really go on and on.

Our 1x merchandise has seen whales, live volcanoes, snow, ice and waterfalls. 


We have not just been showing off travel adventures and our sporting prowess in the 1xBRANDCHALLENGE: we also share the best bits of life, snuggles with our furry friends and good times with loved ones. There are a lot of well known fluffy faces in 1x, we've got to know them in video calls and at the office. Skol, Molly, Benni could all be considered “1x associates”. We embrace video calls being interrupted by children, dogs, cats and snakes - yes even snakes! I once had to leave a video call to my daughter shouting “Mum come and look at the snake on the tree”. It was 2m long, quite an exciting moment, unfortunately I didn't get time to take a photo of it with my 1x t-shirt. I definitely would have won that month.

We are (sometimes) competitive

Pablo, 12 metres under the Atlantic Ocean with his 1x bag.

Our frontend developer Pablo set the bar high when he took his 1x bag 12 metres under the Atlantic Ocean on a diving trip. We like a bit of competitive spirit. Stop at nothing to win a toblerone! He did indeed win for this amazing photo. 

Look back on the year 

The 1xBRANDCHALLENGE gives us a good look back upon a year at 1x. It's been a good year in many ways, we have travelled together as a team; to Iceland and to DrupalCon  Prague making good memories along the way. We've travelled in smaller groups - to the Splash Awards in Hamburg, to DrupalCamp in Zaragoza, to the Symfony conference in Paris, to a career fair in Granada and to Lake Konstanz to meet our client BSB.

We´ve met up in our offices for celebrations, workshops and also just because we felt like it. We travelled on holiday and shared the trip with our colleagues. 

We are an international team and as we live, learn and travel, 1x travels with us, sharing our experiences along the way. 

Best of the year

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