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Meet our speakers at DrupalCon Europe

At 1xINTERNET we live and breathe Drupal.  Since 2011, when the company was established, we have solely been working with the Drupal framework.  Every day, our sixty Drupal experts create digital projects and products for our clients. At the same time everyone is encouraged to contribute to the Drupal Community.

This year we are Hallway Track Sponsors at DrupalCon Europe, this suits us because we believe communication is a key factor in running a successful business. We love discussing digital projects and business. Meet us at the conference, swing by one of our offices for coffee or request a meeting here!

Our talks at DrupalCon Europe 2021

Baddy and Alexander at DrupalCon Europe

Baddý and Alexander 

In this talk, Baddý Sonja Breidert from 1xINTERNET and  Alexander Reisenauer from Schwabe Group will discuss the interesting journey they started in 2020 when the company decided to create a multi-site platform for all its brands and markets in order to gain control over all the web properties of the company.

The digital landscape of the company had been run on different CMS systems or were using static websites with a very limited budget. There was a lot of inconsistency between the web properties and no exchange between the different markets.

One of the main challenges was the lack of focus on security and compliance. The web properties were hosted on different platforms and supported irregularly. For Schwabe, market coherence is essential and even though not all website designs need to be the same, flexibility and consistency are required in order to grow in a competitive market.

Schwabe asked 1xINTERNET to build a new Web CMS platform that would solve their problems and offer a consistent brand and user experience across all markets.

An interesting journey with great results that they will discuss during this session.

Read more about this session here!

Hossein and Adam

Hossein has over nine years of experience in software development. To his surprise, he found that the majority of developers just use basic features of Developer Tools.

The title of this workshop says "Everyone" needs to learn how to use Developer Tools, and according to Hossein and Adam it's true as it might just slightly change your life.

In this workshop, Hossein and Adam will cover the features of the Developer Tools and show you some hidden features.

If you are a backend developer, frontend developer, or frontend designer, this talk is for you, and will hopefully show you how to use the browser's Developer Tools with maximum results.

Read more about their session here!

Hossein and Adam at DrupalCon Europe 2021
Hristo at DrupalCon Europe 2021

Hristo Chonov

In this session, Hristo will introduce two modules enhancing the editorial experience in Drupal 8/9 - Autosave Form and Conflict.

Autosave ensures that content changes are not lost if a sudden power outage or network disruption occurs. The current state of each entity form is continuously autosaved so that the user is always able to resume from the last autosaved state.

The concurrent editing feature provided by the conflict module allows for the simultaneous editing of the same content by multiple users. Whenever possible, automatic merges are performed and when conflicts occur the user is provided with a visual tool for resolving them.

During this talk, Hristo will also take a look at the current state of the modules and what is yet to come. We will see how they could work independently of each other and what the added value is of enabling both of them. The modules are being developed with the idea of allowing for customizations and we'll dive deeper into both and clarify how their functionality could be extended or adjusted.

Stefan Weber

At the beginning of this year, the new webshop of our client, Transgourmet, came out of private beta phase and has grown into a large-scale E-commerce application.

Transgourmet / Selgros is one of the largest food retailers in Europe. The online shop for the B2B business for Germany was the first to launch within the corporate strategy to consolidate all web activities in a unified architecture. Over the next few years, all web properties in Europe will be migrated to the new architecture.

Websites and content are delivered using Drupal. Inside the websites, decoupled E-commerce applications are loaded to allow a seamless user experience from website to shop.

The shop apps connect with E-commerce APIs for product information and to headless Drupal for loading marketing content. The first shop integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud, currently, we are porting the apps to integrate to Commerce Tools.

In this session, Stefan will give an overview of the architecture of the website and shop integration, and highlight the most important features of the large scale shops. He will also showcase the shop and do some live demonstrations.

Last but not least he will show how consolidating all web properties fits the corporate digitalization strategy of Transgourmet /Selgros.

Stefan at DrupalConEurope
Hallway Track Sponsor

We encourage you to socialize!

This year we decided to sponsor the Hallway Track for the whole conference, partially because we love talking to fellow Drupal friends at the conferences, and we miss not being able to socialize in person. But this year, this will have to do, and it will be fun!

Women in Drupal 

Baddý Sonja Breidert our CEO at 1xINTERNET and Lenny Moskalyk (Delivery Manager at Open Social) will introduce the event on Hopin Main Stage. They will share their experience as women in Tech.

Date: Monday 4th October
Time: 18:00 - 19:00 CEST 
Location: Introduction in the Hopin Main Stage - Zoom link provided during the introduction 

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