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Building a strong relationship with a reliable partner is one of the key elements for successful business growth and development. We have been working with Pantheon since 2018 to empower our own solutions and to help our customers tackle the most complicated digital challenges. Our common goal is to unleash the full potential of Drupal, provide an agile development infrastructure and leading hosting solutions for all our clients.

Why did we choose Pantheon?

We chose Pantheon because it is a platform for websites that delivers extraordinary results. Pantheon pioneered the concept of WebOps, which empowers teams to develop, test, and release website changes faster and more reliably. With tools to automate, collaborate cross-functionally, and optimise your sites, teams can benefit from the full value of website operations (WebOps) to create websites that deliver value for your organisation. 

It also provides development workflows that allow our team to work more efficiently,  collaborate more effectively with clients, and deliver results for our clients.

Pantheon is also one of the most reliable hosting providers for Drupal websites on the market. Every website hosted on Pantheon benefits from its multi-tenant, container-based architecture. Pantheon hosting is built on Google Cloud Platform and stands out as a powerful complement to any Drupal solution, able to boost performance and contribute to even faster business growth.

What makes Pantheon special?

For Pantheon, security and performance are top priorities. Every site hosted on Pantheon comes with a fine-tuned technology package to ensure the fastest and most secure sites. This includes a Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with more than 70 global points of presence, fully-managed HTTPS certificates, New Relic for application performance monitoring, Terminus CLI for automation, and horizontal scaling by distributing to any number of container instances. All data transfers are in compliance with GDPR and other data transfer regulations in force.

Where are Pantheon´s servers located? 

Pantheon maintains data centres in Canada, the USA, the EU and Australia. All websites hosted on Pantheon ensure that all site resources reside in the region where they have been created, including application and database containers, distributed file system, request router, Redis cache servers and Apache Solr index servers. 

From Pantheon:

"The 1xINTERNET team is an incredible group of Drupal experts who are collaborative, creative and committed to delivering extraordinary results for their clients. They share Pantheon’s passion for the open source community and harnessing the power of WebOps to drive new levels of productivity, performance and impact for today’s marketers, designers and developers."

Jeff Siegel, VP of Partnerships, Pantheon

Pantheon hosting

What Pantheon customers are saying

Pantheon was recognized as a leader in the G2’s Summer 2022 Grid® Report for WebOps Platforms, Managed Hosting, Web Content Management, Web Hosting and Continuous Integration.

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Benefits of Pantheon high-performance hosting solution

Lightning-Fast Speed

Pantheon is one of the world's fastest hosts for Drupal websites due to its efficient container-based infrastructure and modern cloud architecture. It guarantees lightning-fast response times for all hosted online businesses.

Rock-Solid Security

Pantheon allows users to build more secure sites based on cloud architecture with fully-managed HTTPS certificates, protection from DDoS attacks, daily backups, automated monitoring and security updates.

Horizontal Scalability

All hosted sites can be horizontally scaled across multiple container instances. Your site will not experience any downtime or slowdowns when there are spikes in site traffic volume, ensuring 99.99% site´s uptime.

Expert Support

24x7x365 access to the support team formed by professional Drupal developers with years of experience that can help you to quickly identify any problems and offer the most appropriate solution.

Optimised Workflow

Separated environments such as Dev, Test and Live allow to develop and test your site before pushing changes to the live environment. This makes your code deployment safer.

Our projects hosted on Pantheon

E-commerce solution, Multisite solution

Transgourmet - multisite and headless e-commerce

Transgourmet food trucks next to the warehouse

Developing a multisite CMS platform with Drupal and Commercetools to offer customers and suppliers the latest digital convenience.


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