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The organization’s old website was built in Drupal 7, so the company wanted to continue with Drupal 8. With the new website a new fresher website design  was implemented. Both the website design and the implementation was done by the 1xINTERNET team.

Fully customizable pages can be created, each page can look different with 21 different paragraphs, 8 color themes, various views and customizable teaser cards. 


Founded in 1972, IFOAM -  Organics International is a membership-based organization working to bring true sustainability to agriculture across the globe. Through their work, they build capacity to facilitate the transition of farmers to organic agriculture, raise awareness of the need for sustainable production and consumption, and advocate for a policy environment conducive to agro-ecological farming practices and sustainable development.

As IFOAM - Organics International has affiliates in more than 120 countries, and is a central organization for stakeholders in the field, their website has a significant role in distributing useful and important content in the matter across the globe. 

The organization’s old website was built in Drupal 7, so they wanted to continue with Drupal 8. With the new website a new fresher website design came as well. Both the website design and the implementation was done by the 1x team.

Fully customizable & sustainable website

For the new website one important goal was to create a consistent logic in displaying content. Since every content was created as new, and there was no need for a migration, our task was to create a fresh start and to figure out a structure which allows the visitors to stay on track while browsing the pages and also is easy to use for the editors. To match the logic and various content topics, we had to create a web design that is fresh, consistent throughout the site and looks great overall.

To make this happen, we created a backend, which is highly customizable. Each content page can use a different color theme and paragraphs within the page can also have their own color settings. The structure of the pages is up to the editors and what the content is all about. Basic pages act as overview pages or landing pages (with their own navigation) for the other content types. We implemented various views for specific content types (like news or events), and there are also reusable elements on the site, which allows the editors to modify a piece of content in one place, and then it changes on all of the pages that element is used. 

Since we talk about a lot of content and various different content types, it was also a need to have a search engine, which allows the visitors to find what they are looking for. We used elastic search for this. 

The result is a consistent looking, fresh, fully customizable, truly sustainable website, where each page is built for providing more information about organic culture.

Technology used 


Why Drupal was chosen

The client’s previous website was in Drupal 7, so they were familiar with the CMS, and they wanted to use it in the future as well. 

Key modules/theme/distribution used

Elastic search 

Search API


Workbench moderation

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CMS solution

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