1xINTERNET wins at the Splash Awards Germany & Austria 2022

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The 1xINTERNET winning team at the Splash Awards Germany Austria 2022

Annual award ceremony for the best Drupal projects

The Splash Award honours successful Drupal projects, it is like the "Oscars" of the Drupal world. This is one of the few awards for Drupal solutions that are granted in German-speaking countries, which is why it is important to demonstrate one's expertise through this award.

Every year, numerous agencies submit their projects to the jury for nomination. In 2022, there were more than 20 agencies with over 50 projects competing for the coveted trophy.

The Splash Awards have taken place in the Netherlands since 2014 and in German-speaking countries since 2017. Since their inception 1xINTERNET has been writing a success story and we are proud to continue it this year with a first and a second place.

Broad expertise in Drupal development

The recognition we receive from the Splash Awards confirms our broad expertise. Over the years, our work has been acknowledged in seven different categories with 7 first places and 3 second places:

Category Project (Year of submission*)
Corporate SENEC (2019)
E-Commerce Orlo (2018)
  Eldum Rett food delivery (2019)
Engagement deGov distribution for the government (2017)
Enterprise Transgourmet (2020)
Government EFTA European Free Trade Association (2018)
  Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe GmbH (2020)
  Landesagentur Umwelttechnik BW GmbH (2022)
Healthcare Dr. Willmar Schwabe (2022)
Social & Community                      Intranet for the City of Reykjavik (2017)


*In 2021, no Splash Awards were presented due to the pandemic.

The coveted trophies

Our success streak continues

In the hope that we would be able to continue our success of the last 5 years, we submitted three projects and were nominated for all three. We eagerly awaited the award ceremony on November 10, 2022 which took place live in Hamburg. Six members of the 1xINTERNET team travelled to Hamburg to meet new and old faces of Drupal experts in the beautiful space of the host Factorial GmbH. Together we spent a great evening with interesting talks in a state of excitement and suspense. 

Victorious in 2022 as well

And the winner is: 1xINTERNET! Right at the start of the event, our project for Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG was announced as the winner in the "Healthcare" category. We were delighted to receive the Splash Award from our partner company Acquia. Congratulations and many thanks to the Schwabe team and to Acquia Inc.!

For our client Schwabe, manufacturer of plant based pharmaceutical and health products, such as the well known brands Lasea, Umckaloabo and Tebonin, 1xINTERNET implemented a scalable multisite solution based on Drupal in only 3 months. The system is designed to build all new web properties of the Schwabe group and to manage and host them centrally. It gives a single face to the customer without hindering different markets by presenting themselves individually. The website is based on our 1xDXP Multisite Management System and can be rolled out successively in all 16 markets of the Schwabe Group. The solution meets the client's high security requirements and existing third-party solutions can be integrated. Storybook was used for the central design; for the central dashboard and hosting, Schwabe uses Acquia Site Factory. 

We invite you to learn more about this project in our video or by reading the project description.

1xINTERNET team at the Splash Awards 2022

The recognition for the work we have done not only makes us proud, it also motivates us to go back home and face further challenging Drupal projects!

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