1xINTERNET with three nominations for the Splash Awards

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Splash Awards


In the Corporate category we are nominated for our work for SENEC. SENEC is a fast growing startup and a daughter company of ENBW one of the largest German energy providers, operating in Germany, Italy, and Australia.  In order to support the company growth, the website was needed to be relaunched.   When working on the project we had three main goals:

  • Provide information about the products in an engaging way.

  • Offer contact possibilities to get information about the products and services.

  • Allow customers to close energy contracts directly on the website.

Our aim was to  turn the well working original SENEC website into a ‘lead machine’ that will serve landing pages and converting user journeys for all marketing activities. The client requested Drupal because of its excellent reputation as an enterprise grade web CMS. The IT department of SENEC operates all systems in-house, and Drupal could easily be integrated in the existing IT landscape, because of its open standards and in-built API functionalities.

Nils Buntrock, Director Marketing at SENEC:  

“We are amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of the Drupal's backend. Our editors can produce better content and work much faster than before. This allows us to focus more on growing our online business and reach our audience better."

The most important part of the IT landscape of SENEC, that Drupal connects with, is a feature rich services API, where product information, usage data, and contract booking can be accessed from third party applications. Other integrations were to a proprietary CRM system, as well as the marketing automation system Hubspot.



Eldum Rétt is an Icelandic food service company nominated in the E-commerce category.  The company provides food subscription service for Icelandic homes by delivering food boxes with all necessities to create a good home cooked meal. The box includes ingredients and recipes for the buyers, where its possible to choose different options like vegetarian, ketogenic or pescaterian meals or simply a mix of everything. The idea is to provide extremely flexible and varied offerings for customers of all family sizes that can be ordered and managed completely online, through the website and mobile app.

Customers need to be able to:

  • Individually configure their food boxes with recipes from a selected list and adjust the
 number of portions that they want to cook

  • Select the days of the week they want food delivered and manage both delivery times and  delivery destinations and change their subscription settings, e.g. to pause deliveries during holidays or absence.

The original website was built in 2014 on Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce. When they realised that the site was not flexible enough to sustainably accommodate all these requirements a decision was made to move the site to Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2 and add a React Native based mobile app that would communicate with the main Drupal driven website. This project went live in November 2018 and the app was launched in spring 2019. The relaunch of Eldum Rétt on a new platform was necessary to allow the company to explore new market opportunities like selling groceries and flexible meal kits, providing a better user experience through a native app and state of the art customer engagement through a modern messaging framework. 

The meal kit product features a complexity that is probably close to HelloFresh, Blue Apron or Plated. The subscription and shipping systems are close (even more flexible) than what Amazon offers.


Our third nomination this year is for our work with Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe (BSB). The company is nominated in the Government and Public Services category.  BSB runs a fleet of 13 passenger ships and ferries on Germany's largest lake, Lake Constance and are a unique provider of local public transport. For the relaunch of its website, BSB was looking for a professional partner who was able to provide the technical expertise for the implementation of a modern, mobile-optimised website and who also had an experience in online marketing.

BSB was particularly interested in following a user-centric approach in the redesign process of the website. To achieve this, our team was working closely with the client to define the user journey and UX, which resulted in a concept for the new website. The aim was to display the possibly most relevant content for the different target groups. To achieve this the team at 1xINTERNET developed a solution to personalise the content for certain user groups of the BSB website.

Visitors are segmented with targeted marketing campaigns or via the user behaviour on the website. To enhance the user experience through their whole stay on the website, preferred contents are displayed matching the interests of the visitors. To explain better. If, for example, a visitor is more interested in touristic offers, they will be shown special content that advertise selected offers. If another visitor has more interest in current information about public transport,  content with these information will be preferably be shown. One of the most important goals of the relaunch was to create a modern and fast user experience. Special attention was also paid to a very fast and user-friendly search. In order to evaluate visitor behaviour and to optimze the personalized content output, analytics tools and tracking tools are running in the background.

What ever happens on Monday night, we are pretty sure it's going to be a great event. Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire and Robert Douglass will host the event and our team is looking forward to a great start of DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019!

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