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Driesnote Drupal Starshot Portland 2024

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  • At DrupalCon Portland in May 2024, Dries proposed a new initiative to create a default CMS configuration called Starshot that site builders can use to create Drupal projects easily.
  • The focus of Starshot is to dramatically improve the out-of-the-box experience for ambitious site builders, so that they can access Drupal’s most powerful capabilities, by removing the need for technical expertise.
  • 1xINTERNET fully agrees with the strategy to make Drupal available as pre-configured applications to show the strength of Drupal and foster adoption.
  • At 1xINTERNET, we will contribute to the initiative to make it successful.
  • We have a fully working CMS called Try Drupal targeted at enterprise customers available to the public now for review. All content, concepts, and best practices used in our CMS can be used in Starshot.

DrupalCon Portland 2024 - Dries announces new Starshot CMS initiative

Dries Buytaert, the project lead behind Drupal, has announced an exciting new strategic initiative with the launch of Starshot at DrupalCon Portland 2024.

“Drupal Starshot will introduce a new version of Drupal with a great out-the-box experience”.

Dries Buytaert, Portland 6. May 2024

At its core, Starshot is a default CMS configuration created to empower site builders without Drupal experience to easily create a new Drupal site and extend it with pre-packaged recipes, all using their browser.

Screenshot of Drupal Starshot presentation by Dries
Screenshot that explains the features of Starshot

1xINTERNET will help to build Starshot

As a software company with a focus on Drupal we actively work to encourage its widespread adoption. Our support for the Drupal project aligns with the strategy of offering Drupal as a pre-configured application, showcasing its refined capabilities and versatility.

With our expertise in crafting pre-configured Drupal installations, we will help to make Starshot an outstanding CMS solution.  A core strategy of our business is Try Drupal, our flagship pre-configured CMS, designed to serve as the cornerstone of all our projects. This pre-configured Drupal CMS isn't just for internal use — it's open to the public, inviting users to explore its features and capabilities first hand.

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We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and resources freely. Therefore, all content and concepts within Try Drupal can be leveraged and incorporated into other projects at no cost. 

While Try Drupal and Starshot may target different audiences, their shared functionality creates a significant overlap. Recognising this synergy, we're committed to contributing our expertise and resources to Starshot

We have already contributed key functionality of Try Drupal  such as the modules:

and we're committed to contributing to Drupal each useful feature we develop.

Our support doesn't end there. We proudly sponsor the Gin theme, an important part of Starshot, ensuring its continued development and support. 

We're excited to collaborate with the Starshot team, sharing valuable insights, best practices, and content to help drive the initiative forward.

In line with our commitment to innovation and collaboration, we're currently in the process of migrating Try Drupal configurations to recipes. Useful recipes will be shared with the Drupal community and can be integrated into the Starshot framework to further strengthen its position as the platform of choice for ambitious digital projects.

Go ahead and try our Drupal CMS

Try Drupal

At 1xINTERNET, we're not just building websites — we're building a brighter future for Drupal, one pre-configured application at a time. 

Join us on this journey as we empower individuals and enterprises alike to unleash the full potential of Drupal.

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