Content Templates module

How the Content templates module can improve...

When it comes to building a successful website, content creation plays an essential role. However, the content creation process can become a time-consuming and repetitive task. Discover how the Content template module can overcome this challenge and improve your editorial experience in Drupal.

Drupal 10 logo

Drupal 9 end of life: how does it impact your...

Drupal 9 reaches its end of life (EOL) in November 2023. This implies that websites using Drupal 9 will not receive any further official support and updates beyond that time. Learn how this will impact your business and how to conduct a smooth transition to Drupal 10 within the deadline.

1xINTERNET - Winner of Splash Awards 2022

1xINTERNET wins at the Splash Awards Germany...

We won the first prize in the category "Healthcare" for our project with our customer Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG. In the category "Government", we came second place with our project for the Landesagentur Umwelttechnik BW GmbH.

1xTEAM at DrupalCon Prague 2022

1xINTERNET at DrupalCon Prague 2022

This year, DrupalCon Europe took place in Prague, last September 20-23rd. All of a sudden the event we all had been waiting for, is now behind us; but, oh boy, we did enjoy it. At 1xINTERNET we’re proud to have participated in DrupalCon, sponsored the event, contributed to the Drupal Community and got insights.


Senior Frontend Developer | Full-time

We are looking to hire a full time Front End developer to join our team at 1xINTERNET.  Our team consists of forty ambitious employees that work together creating top digital solutions for our clients. If you are interested in joining our team and become part of the 1xINTERNET family, don't hesitate to apply!

1xINTERNET hallway track sponsors

1xINTERNET at DrupalCon NA 2021

1xINTERNET is participating in DrupalCon NA this year as a Hallway Track sponsor. Few of our team members are also hosting interesting sessions. Read this blog to get information about our team sessions and how to register and take part in the Drupal magic.

Screen on Laptop from Drupal Group Meeting

Drupal User Group meetings during a global...

During last year, we have had to find other ways to meet with fellow Drupal friends, to share knowledge and inspire each other. The people from Drupal Austria had the idea of the first Drupal D-A-CH online meeting. All German, Austrian and Swiss Drupal communities were invited to join the first monthly Drupal D-A-CH online meeting and it was a great success.

Hristo Chonov

Drupal made my dream come true

Hristo Chonov is one of the Software engineers at 1xINTERNET. He will be talking about Autosave and Concurrent editing in Drupal provided by two contrib modules for which he is currently the main maintainer for. Get to know Hristo and read about how Drupal made his dream come true when taking his first step as a speaker.

Baddy Sonja speaker DrupalCon Europe 2020

The pandemic has possibly slowed me down and...

Baddy Sonja is the CEO of 1xINTERNET. At DrupalCon Europe 2020 she will be hosting a workshop about Content Strategy. Let's get to know Baddy a bit better, who is this woman that loves Drupal and does not get tired of encouraging the people around her to take part in the Drupal community.

Let's talk at DrupalCon Europe 2020

Platinum Sponsor of DrupalCon Europe 2020

1xINTERNET are proud Platinum Sponsors of DrupalCon Europe 2020. In this blogpost you can get a bit of an overview of the event and our speakers this year.  Let's talk at DrupalCon Europe 2020!

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