1xINTERNET at DrupalCon Europe 2019

Since founded in 2011 1xINTERNET has become one of the leading Drupal agencies in Germany and Europe.  If you or your company is looking for a digital agency, specialised in Drupal, you have found the best one! 

Our international and diverse employees have decades of accumulated experience in Drupal web projects, project planning, project management, design and online marketing. We have built hundreds of digital solutions for our amazing clients and we work as a team to find the best, fastest and most effective solution for our clients.

How do we approach the projects? 

1xINTERNET has offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, Conil and Reykjavik.  We have clients all over Europe so we have great experience in working closely but remotely with our clients, if that is something that’s needed.

Every project is unique and we like to look at our approach as “holistic” way of executing them. everything needs to be done and planned in correct order to guarantee success. Our team has extensive expertise in every field needed and all other necessary skills to implement your web project. A technically complex project can have a comfortable content management system for you to use. It’s our task to make your work easier and that’s what we love doing.  Whether you're planning a corporate presence, want to start an online store, multilingual platform or need support in the field of SEO or Online Marketing together we will find the ideal solution to bring your ideas to life.  

Whatever your Drupal needs and business goals, we can help!

  • Drupal consulting
  • Drupal development and site implementation
  • Drupal 8 migration
  • Drupal customisation and module development
  • Drupal site optimisation
  • Drupal site maintenance and support
  • Drupal 8 training
  • Drupal site audits

“The ​free, open source​ content management system that’s leading a ​digital transformation​ across industries.”

Drupal is an open source content management framework that is used by medium to large enterprises all around the world. The software is developed, improved and maintained by a large, worldwide community that 1xINTERNET takes active part in. 1xINTERNET CEO serves as a board member at the Drupal Association. The software is free of charge and available for everyone. This ensures that you can always rely on Drupal and users can choose whom to work with without risking being stuck in an unwanted business relationship. 

Key benefits of Drupal include: 

  • Multi-site functionality and scalability
  • Native support for modern content delivery solutions including decoupled CMS
  • Flexible and easy to scale, from small corporate sites to global platforms
  • High performance
  • Simplicity for editors
  • Leader in multilingual with over 100 languages out of the box
  • Accessibility, built-in, with extensive support for accessibility standards
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SENEC corporate website

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