Workflow and BPM management

1xINTERNET has a strong background in consulting for the optimisation of business processes. Together with our clients we shape great workflow- and business process management (BPM) systems.

To achieve an optimal solution we follow a multi-step approach: First, we carefully observe the business process of our client to fully understand it.

Next, we try and conceptualise the essential part, trying to streamline the common cases, thereby reducing friction where it hurts the most.

Then we add the edge cases to our model to make sure they can be integrated. During this step we also analyse how possible future business developments will impact the workflow process so the technical architecture and design concept are extendable and can be adapted.

Finally, we specify the exact technical details necessary to implement the desired system.

Using Drupal as a workflow- and business process management systems allows for flexible creation of complex data structures. At the same time fine granular permissions and workflows can be created to allow management and collaboration across multi-layered business processes.

Examples of such systems that 1xINTERNET has created are:

  • Order- and fulfillment management

  • Project management

  • Offer creation tools

  • Employee / vacation management

  • Integration into third-party applications (ERP, warehouse, invoicing, etc.)

  • Asset management

  • Reporting tools

  • … and many more

Building systems like that as web-based applications allow for an easy roll out and allow high and fast acceptance of the users. Workflow- and business process management systems built by 1xINTERNET run on any browser and all desired hand held devices.

Workflow and BPM