Health and Uptime Monitoring


  • Uptime monitoring is not implemented or scattered throughout different systems.
  • Health monitoring is not implemented or scattered throughout different systems.
  • Metrics are not well defined.
  • Alerting is insufficient, no proper escalation policies possible or in place.
  • Alerting is excessive, wasting time resources or being overlooked


  • Define useful metrics.
  • Unify collection of metrics, uptime monitors and heartbeats.
  • Implement good alerting and escalation policies.
Graphic with screenshots of uptime monitoring tools

At 1xINTERNET we utilize Betterstack for uptime monitoring, ensuring seamless integration with our centralized logging system (ELK) and infrastructure monitoring tools (Zabbix/Prometheus). 

Our service offers a robust suite of features, including precise escalation policies and multi-channel alerting, allowing for comprehensive and effective incident management. Its capabilities extend to certificate (HTTPS) monitoring, proactive incident creation, and the ability to handle complex monitoring scenarios such as web user flows.

Additional features include status pages, heartbeats, multi-region checks, and on-call calendars, all designed to provide a thorough and reliable monitoring solution our clients needs.

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