Backups and disaster recovery


  • Some or all services have no backups.
  • Insufficient or undefined retention policies.
  • No offsite backups.
  • Backups not regularly tested.
  • Undefined disaster recovery processes.


  • Review backups and backup strategy per service/system.
  • Implement policy for retention.
  • Implement automated offsite backups.
  • Implement procedures and documentation for disaster recovery.
Graphic showing offsite backup

Our service focuses on conducting a comprehensive audit of current backup availability, retention, and scheduling. We implement scheduled automated onsite and offsite backups, ensuring that your data is secure and accessible. Additionally, we set up backup heartbeats for ongoing monitoring and define a tailored disaster recovery strategy to meet your specific needs.

Key features of our service include monitoring integration through heartbeats, encrypted backups to safeguard your data, and obfuscated backups for development and staging environments. We also offer custom retention policies and incremental backups to optimize storage and efficiency.

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Let us ensure your data's security with regular backups and thorough recovery testing.

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