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Web Environment Manager

At 1xINTERNET, we are committed to providing exceptional service. As a proud partner of Qaack, we use their Web Environment Manager (WEM) on all our projects. It enables us to test new features with disposable web environments without disrupting existing applications, and ensure a more efficient development process.

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How your business can benefit from automatic testing environments


  • When you develop new functionality in web applications you want to test each functionality individually before they are added to the application.
  • Besides testing the functionality itself you also have to make sure the rest of the applications works with the new functionality.
  • After successful testing the new functionality can be added and the test environment can be deleted.


  • Create a separate disposable web environment for each functionality to review and test functionality.
  • Once testing is complete, the environment can be deleted.
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Disposable web environments for any application

Configuration and support

We set up dedicated Qaack instances for rigorous testing, providing comprehensive training, and offering expert assistance with configuration for various web applications. We also ensure smooth operation through rigorous monitoring, timely updates and ongoing support for Qaack.

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Integration with any technologies

Regardless of the web technology used, be it Drupal, Wordpress, React, Vue.js or any other platform, Qaack integrates seamlessly with all of them. With Qaack you can easily test all your new features with disposable web environments before adding code to your application.

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