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Last year we started a discussion about contributing to Drupal. In a blog article called Contributing to Open Source, what's your math? we layed out out how much and how we contribute. The goal was to bring the importance of contribution to attention, because Drupal heavily depends on it.


Dries and many companies participated in the discussion with own blogposts:

As a result a lot of companies focused more on contribution, then on other activities in last year's European DrupalCon in Amsterdam. 

We were one of those companies and sponsored the contribution area and invited everybody to contribute with us. For every person who participated we offered a free Drupal training, and we committed to contributing time work on the Drupal project. You can read about this here.

Almost our full team attended DrupalCon Amsterdam and besides attending sessions we spent a lot of time in the contribution room.

Software developer Majid from 1xINTERNE contributing at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2020
Majid and Yannick contributing at DrupalCon Amsterdam 2020

One of our developers Majid Ali who had not contributed much source code before, selected to port the Drupal module reCAPTCHA v3 to Drupal 8.

We have spent a significant amount of time on development and testing, two weeks ago the module is feature complete, covered by the Drupal Security Team, and we have started adding it to all our projects.

The benefit of the new version of reCAPTCHA over previous versions is that an interaction window (I am not a robot) only appears, if the observed interaction with the website containing the test, does not fullfill a configurable security score. Only if the score is too low, different tests (e.g. reCAPTCHA v2) are shown.

The module creates several tests, defines required scores for each, and add fallback tests if the scores are too low. As fallback tests reCaptcha and captcha can be used.

Since we have integrated the Drupal module reCAPTCHA v3 in our internal Drupal distribution 1xDx it will be installed in all future projects and we will continue to support it.

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