1xINTERNET welcomes three new employees!

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The 1x team is growing and we are pleased to welcome three new employees. The E-Commerce and Online Marketing Expert Katherina Engelhard has been a member of the team since December 2018. Then we are fortunate that the two long-standing Drupal developers Joao Ventura and Yannick Leyendecker will further strengthen our developer team. In addition, we proudly announce that we have now opened an office in Berlin at Warschauer Strasse 59a.

Katherina Engelhard

Katherina's specialty is online marketing. As a former managing director of Shoevita in Frankfurt with her own webshop, Katherina brings expertise not only in the field of online marketing but also in the field of e-commerce. She will continue to expand the department of online marketing with a focus on SEA / SEO.


João Ventura

Joao is a "Rocket Scientist" in the truest sense of the word - and not just when it comes to Drupal development. He spent many years of his professional life as a Mission Control Engineer at ESA. In the Drupal world, he is known as maintainer of the print module and as a tireless community activist. He was instrumental in organizing Drupal Dev Days 2018 in Lisbon and Drupal Europe 2018 in Darmstadt.

Joao's profile on drupal.org


Yannick Leyendecker

Yannick is our newest entry into our Berlin office. High above the rooftops in Friedrichshain, he focuses on the fastest growing Javascript frameworks such as React and React Native. But he is especially brilliant when it comes to making different systems talk to each other as a true Full Stack Developer. Welcome Yannick!

Yannick's profile on drupal.org

Katherina Engelhard
Joao Ventura
Yannick Leyendecker
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New location Berlin

In addition to the new employees, we look forward to our new office in Berlin Friedrichshain. With a view directly on to the TV tower and in the middle of pubs and bars.

With Berlin we now have three fixed locations:

  1. Frankfurt
  2. Conil de la Frontera, Spanien
  3. Berlin

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