When your website is live we provide hosting service for reasonable price.

After completion, the website is under the desired domain found on our high-security servers online.

If wished for you can also get professional email hosting with unlimited number of email addresses and corresponding web space (standard 10 GB, expandable).

Our hosting services include:

  • Redundant data storage, daily / incremental backup and failover - To ensure no data is lost and the site is always available.

  • Regular updates of the CMS and timely update of security updates - you need to consult any third party your for the care system.

Security and privacy

Our systems are protected from unwanted attacks and guarantee you professional privacy. Only our employees have access to our servers while using only encrypted communication channels. If you need to manage sensitive data on your system, we can also deliver custom solutions for most security. Of course, we always maintain the latest security updates into our systems.

Baddý Breidert

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– Baddý Breidert M. Sc., CEO

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