Hosting solutions

Professional Drupal hosting

A great Drupal project needs a great hosting solution to deliver optimal performance.

We provide blazing fast hosting of Drupal websites. All websites hosted on our infrastructure are tuned to deliver the best performance.

We create regular backups to keep your data save and we monitor your webserver so we can react quickly on traffic spikes. We also monitor available security updates for all websites and update automatically at short notice.

1xINTERNET professional Drupal hosting infrastructure

Drupal hosting infrastructure

Our Drupal hosting solutions based on scalable virtual servers, optimized bare metal servers, or customized HA (high availability) solutions.

All solutions have DDOS protection service with optional integration of caching services for edge delivery.

All servers are optimized for Drupal and include a Solr and a Redis instance.

Traffic is monitored and controlled to ensure highest performance of the servers so your audience always has an optimal access experience.

All systems are fully backed up with minimum one week retention and with additional incremental backups that are stored for longer periods.


1xINTERNET professional Drupal hosting infrastructure with continuous delivery

Continous integration and delivery

When hosting a Drupal solution we always supply continuous integration and delivery infrastructure.

We always provide minimum a 

  • staging environment and a 
  • production environment.

Deployment to staging- and productions environments is done automatically based on Git branches with an offsite delivery solution.

Upon deployment PHPUnit tests and Behat tests are run and code is compiled and optimized for production.

In addition to staging- and production environments further environments for integration testing during development can be provided.

Drupal security updates can automatically be deployed to staging- and production environments with short notice to prevent systematic exploitation of security issues.


Since we specialize in Drupal distributions we provide optimized hosting solutions for deGov, Thunder, Commerce and OpenEDU.


deGov Drupal hosting by 1xINTERNET
Drupal thunder hosting by 1xINTERNET
Drupal commerce hosting by 1xINTERNET
Drupal OpenEDU hosting by 1xINTERNET