Infrastructure and services audit


  • No consolidated overview of Infrastructure and services/applications.
  • Systems are managed individually, there is no common management.
  • Systems might be oversized or outdated.
  • Services are not automatically provisioned or updated.
  • Systems might be insecure or completely overlooked and vulnerable.


  • Formalize / document existing infrastructure and services.
  • Review from capacity/cost perspective.
  • Review from security perspective (patch management, configuration).
  • Implement tool based inventory and patch management (Infrastructure as code, configuration management).
Graphic displaying various infrastructure services analysis tools

There are several scenarios where a comprehensive assessment of an application becomes essential. Firstly, a general health check and benchmarking against (Drupal) best practices are desired to ensure the application is optimized for performance, security, and sustainability. Additionally, issues such as slow performance and unreliability during peak times indicate that the application cannot efficiently handle high traffic loads. As the application matures, a major version upgrade may be necessary to leverage new features and improvements. Persistent unresolved errors that lead to incomplete processes or data corruption also highlight the need for a detailed investigation to maintain data integrity. Lastly, if the website has been hacked or compromised, it is crucial to recover and secure the application promptly.

To address these scenarios, an external assessment of the current web application is recommended to identify underlying issues and areas for improvement. This involves gaining full access to the application for an in-depth review, including an examination of the source code, data structures, and hosting environment. A detailed code review and performance benchmarking are essential to pinpoint inefficiencies and enhance the application's speed. Assessing the application's sustainability is crucial, particularly its compatibility with upgrades and effective management of dependencies. Finally, an audit report should be provided, containing clear recommendations, actionable points, and a priority assessment to guide the necessary improvements effectively.

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