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Contribution Drupal 8 module: Google reCAPTCHA V3

Last year we started a discussion about contributing to Drupal. In a blog article called Contributing to Open Source, what's your math? we layed out out how much and how we contribute. The goal was to bring the importance of contribution to attention, because Drupal heavily depends on it.

Drupal 8 Hotballoon

Migrating from Drupal 7 to 8

A lot of companies are still on Drupal 7, even though Drupal 8 has been around and stable for many years now. This post hopes to make things clearer and also show why you should strongly consider having the migration from drupal 7 to 8 as part of your overall strategy for 2020.

Top Trends 2020

1x2020 Digital Trends

Welcome to 2020! At 1xINTERNET we are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead. 


Headless drupal

Headless applications with Drupal and React in...

Last year we launched more than 20 new webprojects based on Drupal 8 and/or React. Most of the projects have one thing in common: they combine standard Drupal server-side rendering with client side React applications. This is what is sometimes referred to as progressive decoupling. Only a few applications we have built in 2019 are completely headless.

J. Matthew Saunders, Zsofi Major, Campbell Vertesi, Weber Macedo, Adam Juran

Be the community

I mentioned on Twitter two weeks ago how fantastic DrupalCon Europe was, and after more thought it’s my favorite DrupalCon to date!

We are Makers

We are Makers!

At “DriesNote”, last Tuesday at DrupalCon Amsterdam spoke about his vision of contributors and sponsors and their impact on Drupal’s future. Time and speed are the biggest factors looking ahead. If we want to want to see Drupal continue to grow, and be competitive in the open source market, we need to make sure all aspects are nurtured.

1xTeam on Splash Awards 2019

1xINTERNET wins two Splash Awards

The International Splash Awards 2019 took place on the 28th of October in Amsterdam. The event was well organised and team 1xINTERNET had a great evening. It was nice to meet our colleagues from all over Europe and see the great selection of work being created with Drupal. 

Splash Awards

1xINTERNET with three nominations for the...

The third international Splash Awards are taking place next Monday night in Amsterdam. This night we will celebrate the best Drupal projects from 2019 with our colleagues from all over Europe. We are very happy at 1xINTERNET to be nominated for three of our projects and grateful at the same time for our amazing clients. 

1xTeam in Conil

We encourage you to contribute with us

At 1xINTERNET we strongly support contribution to Drupal. In our everyday work we send in patches and fixes, we organize events, we have built distributions and we keep telling our people about the importance of taking part.


Atomic Design: Consistency that pays off

Web design has changed significantly in recent years. 

In the past all pages of a website were designed individually. Designers often did not pay attention to the re-use of elements, but rather treated all pages separately.

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