Open Doors is a globally operating non-profit organisation concerned with fighting the persecution of Christians. We recreated the website of the German charter with Drupal (version 8) since the previous web presence was technically and aesthetically outdated. It features informative articles about the situation worldwide as well as promotional content for events, products and call to actions.

Open Doors Frontpage

Goals of the redesign

The old website felt very out dated and its technical foundation mirrored this first impression. OpenDoors approached us since they wanted to create a website with a solid technical core with which they could work with and extend upon in future. The new web presence should be fully optimised for search engines and feature a very powerful content editing interface with which the client could create custom page designs on their own. Also the content had to be rendered in many diverse communication channels within the website.

Open Doors Länderprofil

The result: Flexible content editing system

We created a website based on the Drupal module paragraphs. Open Doors can choose from many different paragraphs (read: "content modules") to build the pages as they want to. The content modules follow a design concept and can be rearranged in countless ways by the editors to create custom pages without a line of code.

The website also features a shop system for the Open Doors product line with advanced multi-hierarchical product categorisation and country profile landing pages with country specific information about the state of persecution: maps, figures and diagrams.


Technical Challenges

This was our first Drupal 8 project. Therefore a lot of new modules and coding was required. The website had to be full responsive with a breakpoint for tablet, smartphone and desktop.  The sizes in between were all optimized so that whatever device or browser size is used the website looks good. A challenge in this case was the menu which not only had different sizes but also different logos depending on how much space was left.