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Adwords, google search, organic search, google display network, banners, keyords, bids. Are you dizzy just reading this? No worries. We have online marketing specialists in our team that can help. What is your goal? Improve sales? Improve corporate appearance? Its not enough to just to be online. If you want to be successful you need to be found quickly and easily online.

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With SEO analysis we spot problems like not enough internal links, content not being optimized correctly, technical vulnerabilities and too long loading times. In order to save costs, there are also tasks that you could take over yourself with help from our tools that analyses your website.

We also help you to make advertising campaign strategies for Facebook, Google and friends. 

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Ryte (OnPage)

Ryte analysis help us diagnosing your site and find the reason for problems like to long load time, bad ranking and any technical problems the site can be facing.

We will meet you and help you get this sorted once and for all, just give us a call or send us an email.

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Google Analytics / Matomo

Google Analytics and Matomo are professional and powerful tools to detect the flow of visitors on your site and see how well sites and web structure are matched to the particular purpose or how well your search engine marketing works.

Matomo is installed on separate servers and you have full control over the data.

Google Analytics stores the data in Google datacenters and you do not have full control over the data.

For both products we install the software for you show you how you can use the numerous ways to make your website even more effective.

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Often in the SEO analysis vulnerabilities within the site be uncovered: Not enough internal links, sup optimal content, technical vulnerabilities to long loading times. Exactly according to the specifications of the jointly elaborated catalog of measures is 1xINTERNET points into action. In order to save costs, there are also tasks that you could take over here itself.

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SEA (search engine advertising) is, like SEO (search engine optimization), a branch discipline of SEM (search engine marketing). The most important component of SEA is Google Adwords. AdWords can place ads in the Google hit list, but also in a large network of Google Partners. The big difference to SEO is that is paid for the ranking, through a special bidding process developed by Google. With Adwords, you have the ability to reach a self-determined budget customer.

In addition, this advertising form is ideally suited for evaluation and continuous optimization. 1xINTERNET supports you around the advertising with Google, creates target groups appropriate ads and spreads them, exactly for your advertising purpose. We usually accompany Adwords campaigns over a longer period of time.