Eldum Rétt - Food delivery service built on Decoupled Drupal Commerce with React Native App

Eldum rétt winner of Splash Awards
Winner of the Splash Awards 2019 in corporate category

Eldum Rétt is an Icelandic subscription service that delivers food boxes complete with recipes and meal plans for home cooking to private households. The idea is to provide extremely flexible and varied offerings for customers of all family sizes that can be ordered and managed completely online, through a website and mobile apps. Eldum Rétt is the market leader in Iceland with thousands of customers and an annual turnover of close to 7 million US dollars.

Eldum Rétt

As a customer centric company, Eldum Rétt has very complex requirements for its online services. Customers need to be able to for example to

  • individually configure their food boxes with recipes from a selected list
  • adjust the number of portions that they want to cook
  • select the days of the week they want food delivered for
  • manage their delivery times and places
  • change their subscription settings, e.g. to pause deliveries during absences

The original website was built in 2014 on Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce and wasn’t flexible enough to sustainably accomodate all these requirements. So the decision was made to move the site to Drupal 8 and Drupal Commerce 2 and also add a React Native based mobile app that would communicate with the main Drupal driven website. This project went live in November 2018.

See case study on Drupal.org

Why Drupal was chosen:

The relaunch of Eldum Rétt on a new platform was necessary to allow the company to explore new market opportunities like selling groceries and flexible meal kits, providing a better user experience through a native app and state of the art customer engagement through a modern messaging framework. This would have not been possible with the old systems technology stack.

The meal kit product features a complexity that is probably close to HelloFresh, Blue Apron or Plated. The subscription and shipping systems are close (even more flexible) than what Amazon offers.

Drupal 8 is a modern software framework that brings a lot of functionality out-of-the-box (world class CMS features as well as a very flexible commerce suite with Drupal Commerce). Eldum Rétt requirements were very extensive, so a lot of functionality needed to be built on top of what Drupal already provides. Thanks to Drupal’s openness it was possible to develop the necessary additional functionalities. Drupal’s extreme extendability through its APIs enabled Eldum Rétt to use Drupal as the main data store for all its products, user data and order information and expose these to mobile apps through which many customers interact with the system.