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Improve your online sales!

Do you want to sell your products online? We can help you! We have built multiple web shops of our clients: Both small and simple and large and complex – We can find a web shop solution for any kind of company.

We build upon established Drupal modules and the Drupal entity API to develop custom solutions for the most complex of systems.

Advanced features we have so far implemented include:

  • Indexed product search database with solr and elasticsearch
  • Synchronised Drupal product database with a variety of proprietary product databases
  • Custom product selection and restriction based on visitor location (due to legal reasons)
  • Advanced postage cost calculation depending on sender and recipient location, package weight/volume etc.
  • Currency exchange rate calculation at POS
  • Automatic Interfacing with logistical partner to render estimated time of arrival
  • Custom coupon creation and usage mechanisms

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Baddý Breidert

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– Baddý Breidert M. Sc., CEO

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