Drupal 9

Screenshot - Configruation Distro in Theme 1xINTERNET

Configuration Management with Drupal Distributions

At 1xINTERNET we are specialized in Drupal Distributions. We have built several distributions for clients, that allow to operate multiple websites on the same code basis. The hard part is not to create a distribution, but to allow project specific changes, and still being able to update. In this blog post we show what approaches exist and how we run updates.


Drupal 9 is released today. 1xINTERNET is celebrating

Celebrating the release of Drupal 9!

Today we are celebrating the release of Drupal 9! We are hosting a virtual party and you are invited. In this post you can also see our celebration video and latest update on the karaoke challenge our Managing director and co founder, Christoph Breidert started!



Drupal nine launch

The bliss of contributing to Drupal 9

Last weekend all of our employees took take part in the Drupal 9 porting weekend. The event was an organized to activate as many developers as possible to contribute to Drupal. For us at 1xINTERNET it turned out to be a great experience. Feeling the team spirit both within the team and the Drupal community, deeply affected us as a group and on a personal level.

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Drupal 9 ready - Image Editor Module

During Drupal 9 porting weekend we updated the contributed module Image Edit. The module allows to edit images in place on Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 websites. The module was originally developed for a client. While making the module ready for Drupal 9, we fixed some issues and released the first stable version.

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