Trust is an important asset within online business. It requires a high level of dedication and discipline to gain and can be lost by just one costly mistake. This is why having an organised and secured process is very important, especially within large organisations. We work with our corporate clients to ensure a high level of security, reliability and scalability of their web solutions.

Our range of service is not limited to the technical implementation. We also do website concepts, UX consulting, search engine optimisation and writing copy for your website.


Translate your website to better reach your audience!

Most businesses nowadays operate beyond country borders and cater to an international audience who speak a wide variety of languages. Especially if the web is an integral part of their business operations it is worthwhile to find a good future-proof solution.

Drupal includes in-built support for completely translated content. We can build upon a rich experience building multilingual websites for a wide range of different use cases. From the simplest possible two-language website to advanced multi-country web shop systems with localised currency, date formatting (including of course different time zones), different VAT and posting costs, etc. – There isn't much we haven't built yet in this regard.

If you need help translating your content into another language we can help you! Our network of translation and copy-editing agencies can translate from any language to any language – professionally, confidentially and in style. Specialised legal or technical documents can also be translated accurately.


Optimise for search engines and be found on the internet!

Being found on the internet is critical to the success of any online business. Few websites can exist solely on back links in social media or people typing the URL directly into the adress bar – The Google search engine is the go to tool for anyone wishing to find a good answer to a quick question.

To use this to the benefit of your company your website needs to be found and it should preferably be right at the top of the list of results. To achieve this a website must be considered by Google to be a relevant result to the search query.

There are many ways to improve a website's performance in this race to the top. Our Google certified optimisation experts can help you increase your website traffic and thus your turnover.

If you need help writing SEO-friendly copy for your website our editors can help you find the right words. – Other techniques we employ to help our customers include, among others: Keyword analysis, Google analytics reporting and coordination of Google AdWords campaigns.



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