New year, new projects and new employees

Loredan, Anja and Diego join 1xINTERNET


We welcome Loredan, Anja and Diego to our 1xFAMILY



Diego Costa has  joined our team at 1xINTERNET as director of business strategy.  Diego was born in Brazil but moved to Canada in 2007. Since August 2019 he’s  been living in Germany and has now joined our team in our office in Frankfurt.

Back in the days Diego started as a software developer in Brazil, but worked on a variety of roles related to IT. Big part of his career he’s  focused on ecommerce and spent up to 10 years working for a leading SAP/Oracle Commerce services provider in Canada.

“I'm looking forward to working with a group of people that love what they do, for a company that understands that employees are its most important asset.  I'm also excited about working with a multitude of clients from different industries" 

Diego will be working closely with our existing customers helping deliver digital solutions.  He will also participate in 1xINTERNET business development, sales and marketing initiatives.

Diego is married, father of 3 children and owns 2 dogs. In his free time he loves to travel with his  family, read, write and watch TV.

Anja Steting is the newest member of our online marketing team. Born in GermanyAnja grew up in a small town close to Berlin, called Neuruppin that's apparently famous for the best ice cream in Germany! After studying in Frankfurt Anja joined an advertising agency as an intern followed by studies in Media management. She has now settled in Frankfurt and has joined our team in the Frankfurt office. 

 Anja has  gained experience in different sectors and countries in marketing, working  as a marketing manager. She’s worked with an online marketer in a medical-technology company and with a tour operator (DMCs) in Mexico.

“I'm really excited to work together with an amazing, international, young team, who loves what they do. Learning new things in online marketing  and hopefully providing support in marketing knowledge whenever it's needed” 

Anja’s passion is travelling and dancing salsa. Her mantra is  “Great things never came from comfort zones”

Loredan Szocs has joined 1xINTERNET as a backend developer. Loredan comes from Toplita, a small town, known as one of the coldest places during winter time in Romania. Loredan went to Cluj-Napoca to study computer science  and started his first job as a php internship at Ninja Coders. He was the first employee and wanted to gain a bit of experience to be able to grow as a mobile developer. 

After Loredan started to work with Drupal he made a decision that he didn't want to work on another framework as Drupal was fascinating for him. 

"Looking for different challenges, he has now joined 1xINTERNET. “I'm  very competitive and always eager to learn as much as possible in the quickest possible way.  After seeing the projects 1xINTERNET was working on I was very impressed. The vibe in the team is so great and it's like we have known each other for years”.






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