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1xINTERNET is an leading web-software development company located in Germany, Iceland, and Spain. Our passion is in building enterprise grade software solutions with modern web technologies. Our services include consulting for web based projects, web development as well as hosting and maintenance. We have a strong focus on web design, user experience and high performance websites. We are an international team fo 25+ employees from over 10 countries, and work with international clients, mostly from Germany and Iceland.

We are currently looking for a Senior Backend Web Developer to join our teams in Frankfurt, Berlin, or Conil/Spain. Together with our team you will work on our ambitious client projects using modern web technologies such as PHP, Symfony, Twig, Drupal 8.

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  • Work closely with our team (frontend, backend, UX/Design, Consultant) on existing projects
  • Deliver accessible, high performant and secure applications using PHP, Symfony, and Drupal 8
  • Learn new web development technologies and practices to improve your knowledge


  • Strong experience with PHP, Symfony, and JavaScript
  • Experience with Apache2, MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Good English skills

Additional but not required

  • Experience with Webpack
  • Experience with Drupal 8
  • Experience with web performance optimization

Work location

Working remotely is possible with 1xINTERNET. However, we work closely together in our teams and require regular presence at one of our offices.

  • Frankfurt, Germany (19 people in office)
  • Berlin, Germany (2 people in office)
  • Conil, Spain (4 people in office)

Job Offer

  • We offer a full-time position with industry standard salary.
  • All team member are encouraged to go on industry events for networking, learning, and personal growth. Often parts of the team go together to relevant events.
  • You will work with great colleagues in flat hierarchies on exiting and challenging projects. 
  • We have nice offices and a creative working environment.
  • Once per year the full company gathers for a strategy and team building weekend in Conil, Spain.

Howto apply

You can apply via e-mail to

We will let you know as soon as we have received your documents. After re-viewing your document we arrange an online meeting or a meeting in our office in Frankfurt to talk about details.

We look forward to your application.

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