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OpenEDU is the leading platform for delivering a framework to meet the technical and UX needs of higher education digital experiences on Drupal 8. At the same time OpenEDU is fully extensible and can be built up to meet more complex, technical requirements.

The latest release of OpenEDU is powered by the Acquia Lightning distribution. It is developed and maintained by ImageX and 1xINTERNET.

Submitted by baddysonja on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 22:22
OpenEDU for higher education and universities

This release includes:

  • Support for Events, including Calendar
  • Improved Enterprise Search functionality
  • On-page editing tools such as:
    • SEO Tracker
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Supports Accessibility Checker
  • Advanced Form Builder
  • Drupal Core 8.5.x update
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4
Open Edu for University

Of all the feature updates for this release of OpenEDU, the on-page tools available to the content editors have been received with the most enthusiasm. Page editors can see, in real time, SEO results for the page, page analytics through an integration with Google Analytics, and the ability to inspect the level of accessibility of content on the page.

Download the latest release of OpenEDU today: from

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