COVID-19 and working from home


With the COVID-19 virus causing concerns around the world these days, a lot of employees are being asked to work from home. 

For some this is a new situation and may sound like a nice and cozy option. Not having to commute to work and possibly do work from the couch wearing pajamas all day long might sound quite nice!  


Migrating from Drupal 7 to 8


A lot of companies are still on Drupal 7, even though Drupal 8 has been around and stable for many years now. One of the reasons is that there's still confusion regarding when to migrate and whether to go to Drupal 8 or just wait and go straight to Drupal 9. This post hopes to make things clearer and also show why you should strongly consider having the migration from drupal 7 to 8 as part of your overall strategy for 2020.

Our first DIGITAL FUTUREcongress


Last week we participated in the DIGITAL FUTUREcongress in Frankfurt. The congress took place in Messe, the main conference area in the city. We participated with our partners at Acquia and we had had a great day, talking to exhibitors and guests. 


The secret sauce of 1xINTERNET


Last week I celebrated six months at 1xINTERNET. This time has been full of new experiences in many ways, so I thought I should do my own retrospective of this ‘first long sprint’ and share what I experience every day by working in and for such a special work environment. 

Here is the the secret sauce of awesomeness at 1xINTERNET, my new family. 


How-to: Obtain User Consent Prior to Loading Videos (2-click video solution)


Displaying videos from YouTube and Vimeo on websites is a common practice used by many companies to create more engaging experiences for their visitors. While it is important to offer customers a great experience, it is also imperative to make sure your site visitors understand what's happening as they interact with your site. This is sometimes referred to as a 2-click video solution.

We have developed a visually engaging solution for this. In this blog post we show the solution we have created with screenshots, code snippets, and live examples.

1x2020 Digital Trends

Welcome to 2020! At 1xINTERNET we are really looking forward to an exciting year ahead.  One of the benefits of working with a variety of amazing clients, from different industries is that we can see firsthand where companies are investing their time and energy when it comes to their digital strategy. In this blogpost we share what digital trends we see for the year 2020 and where our focus will be.

Headless applications with Drupal and React in 2020

In this blog post I share our thoughts and assumptions on headless applications with Drupal in 2020.

Last year we launched more than 20 new webprojects based on Drupal 8 and/or React. Most of the projects have one thing in common: they combine standard Drupal server-side rendering with client side React applications. This is what is sometimes referred to as progressive decoupling. Only a few applications we have built in 2019 are completely headless.