AllOfficeCenters offers a search portal for office centers world wide. Through a map bases search interface offices can be found around the world.

Screenshot Allofficecenters UK with open Menu

About Allofficecenters

When the team of AllOfficeCenters approached us, the assignment was clear: Build the best solution for finding and renting offices in the market.

Together we developed a digital strategy, a marketing strategy and an appealing UX concept based on Google Maps. The backend was designed to be a Drupal system with a custom cart and checkout solution.

Even though there was notable competition both in the German market and in UK, the company launched a successful new solution and could quickly expand.

Within the first year AllOfficeCenters had taken over half of the market in Germany and gained significantly in growth speed. Since then they have been expanding rapidly and their service now covers over 30 countries on all continents.

Today AllOfficeCenters is a profitable and growing company with more than 10 employees. They are a true success story, and we are proud to be part of it.

Screenshot search map with focus on London

Map based solution with custom checkout

The heart of the solution is built with Google maps. Using the full api the main metropolitan areas are covered with maps configured to optimally allow searching in highly crowded areas.

Allofficecenters have built up relationships with office centers in all relevant markets. Highlights are

With Drupal as a backend the office centers around the world are configured. Through the maps application visitors can find offices, view details and request information about rental.

Request are submitted with a custom cart solution that fully integrates a digital process for requesting an offer from the office centers listed on the website.

Besides providing a web based solution we also work closely with online marketing. All websites are optimized for search (SEO) and activly promoted with marketing campaigns.