deGov Drupal 8 distribution developed by 1xINTERNETWe have been working for quite a few NGOs and institutions within the public sector. In fact we teamed up with other German Drupal companies to create deGov a Drupal distribution especially crafted around the website requirements of European government institutions.

degov - Drupal 8 distribution developed by 1xINTERNET
degov - Drupal 8 distribution developed by 1xINTERNET

DeGov: A Drupal distribution for the public sector

Together with our partners puplicplan GmbH and Reinblau eG we created a unique Drupal 8 and Lightning based distribution for government institutions called deGov.

Common use cases:

  • Websites for national, federal and municipal administrations
  • E-Government services oriented portals
  • Participation portals for political communication
  • OpenData, crowdmapping etc.
  • Intranets/extranets for governments

We compiled the common requirements of organisations in the public sector in Europe into a system of interlinking custom modules. These can be turned on easily to efficiently build a website which has all the necessary features.

degov - Drupal 8 distribution developed by 1xINTERNET
degov - Drupal 8 distribution developed by 1xINTERNET

What is so special about deGov

The deGov modules are Drupal modules which are carefully configured to fit together. But the technology powering it is still Drupal. This means that the whole system still benefits from the extendability of the Drupal framework, the large Drupal community and the regular security updates from the Drupal core team.

The DeGov modules include a basic responsive design out of the box, which means they will look good on any device. They can be easily customised and the design can be adjusted.

DeGov, like Drupal, is an open source project, so the code is publicly available and the project is open to outside contributions. It is being actively maintained by the deGov core team: New features, modules and bugfixes are being released continually.

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