Drupal 8

1xINTERNET offers professional Drupal 8 training. Typically small groups of participants work together with a trainer for a series of days.

Each participant works with a local development environment and creates a fully functional website using all aspects of Drupal 8. Hereby the scope of the websites is tailored to the requirements of the participants.

Our professional Drupal 8 Training is structured in 3 Modules.

Modul 1: Installation and sitebuilding 

Duration: 1-3 days


  • Setup of custom development environment (PHP7, MySQL/MariaDB, Composer, Drush 8, Drupal Console)
  • Connection to custom GIT-Repositoriy wie (Bitbucket, Github, or custom service)
  • Connection to hosting service (Platform.sh, Aquia-Cloud, or custom service)

Installation / Dependency Management

  • Installation Drupal 8 training distribution
  • Overview dependencies
  • Updates using composer, integration in custom repositories

Working with content

  • Create and edit content


  • Drupal 8 permission 
  • Publishing process with workbench

Most important functions of Drupal 8 

  • Menu system
  • Blocks
  • Content types

Custom content types

  • Creation of content types
  • Creation of fields
  • Creation of paragraphs
  • Usage of display suite and view modes


  • Create views with fields
  • Create views with entities and view modes
  • Create blocks and pages
  • Data-export JSON, CSV

Multilingual systems

  • Translation- and localisation strategies
  • Overview functions

Custom forms

  • Installation of webforms
  • Create webforms and export data
  • Building complex forms

Other info

  • Configuration management
  • Working with features
  • other important modules and functions

Modul 2: Backend development

Duration: 1-3 days

Backend training is usually done with a real example.

Alternative custom examples (loading data from an API, custom permission system, reacting on data modification, etc.) can be provided.

The following technologies are covered:

  • PHP / Symfony
  • Drupal-API
  • REST

Modul 3: Frontend development

Duration: 1-3 days

Depending on the requirements of the customer different technologies and use cases can be covered.

For all technologies comprehensive examples are provided, and demo implementations are created together with the trainer.

The following technologies are covered:

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Twig